COGEIM EUROPE SRL Since 1970 COGEIM EUROPE s.r.l. has been designing and manufacturing surface treatment plants

Since 1970 COGEIM EUROPE s.r.l. has been designing and manufacturing surface treatment plants including shot blasting, stripping, shot peening and sandblasting equipments, merchandising them all over the world. The blasting procedure ensures the cleaning and conditioning of both metal surfaces and stone or concrete products. COGEIM technologies can be employed in a large number of applications: in the mechanical industry they can be used in steelworks, foundries, carpentries, industrial painting and forging factories, while in the stone sector they can be applied in factories processing granite, marble and concrete.

The company is based in Casorezzo (Milan) and runs two manufacturing plants that occupy a total of 46000 sqm, and counts more than 90 employees. All COGEIM machineries are thoroughly manufactured in its own facilities starting from the production of the raw basic materials (such as metal sheets and section bars) to the testing of the finished system, going through welding, setting− up, painting, installation of the electrical system, etc… An accurate quality control is constantly carried out throughout the entire process, in order to guarantee high−quality systems which help our customers to reduce maintenance costs, while ensuring a strong and durable machinery with a high production efficiency.

At COGEIM every production stage is monitored by a high−tech management software which tracks in real time the progress of the work and defines accurate delivery schedules.
Moreover, in 1999 the company has been ISO 9001:2008 certified and in 2017 has obtained the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The expertise of COGEIM designers, along with their technical experience and the constant technological innovation, allows to produce customized machineries that meet all end users’ peculiar requirements in order to boost the equipments performances.

COGEIM delivers hundreds of plants every year, and this number is rising last year 150 shot blasting machines have been delivered. We’ve attained these results thanks to the continuous updating of the production plants and the constant investments in the research of innovative solutions.
Another strong point at COGEIM is the reliable after−sales service, which guarantees the continuous availability of spare parts as well as real−time assistance by qualified personnel.

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