BFT BURZONI BFT Burzoni, constant innovation!

For more than 40 years, BFT Burzoni has been operating successfully in the machining mechanical operations and tools market. The philosophy of the company from Piacenza is to continue investing heavily in its product range. “BFT Burzoni − tells Arianna Burzoni, daughter of founder Alberto Burzoni and on his side in managing the company − was born in 1974 as a small business reality and since its inception the intent has always been to provide the best service possible to clients. That’s why we have tried to create a complete, reliable and forefront utensil program. “ BFT Burzoni is a constantly evolving company and introduces every day new products to offer to its customers.

The company has achieved remarkable results from the two innovative grades of hard metal CCD40 and CCT35, which are drown for the processing of demanding materials such as stainless steels, titanium, titanium alloys, Duplex and Superduplex (Hrsa). They guarantee a high degree of toughness under conditions of extreme temperatures, allowing high cutting speeds and longer lives, as well as absolute reliability during milling and turning operations.

“Competence is indispensable − says Alberto Burzoni, BFT owner − but two other important aspects are the attention to quality− price ratio and a ready delivery service in less than 24 hours, which we can guarantee to our customers thanks to an enviable warehouse, our flagship flower. Our sales philosophy must always be customer−oriented: to ensure a full service by placing first the highest customer satisfaction, which must been supported from planning to implementation of their projects, without neglecting any details. “The goal of BFT is therefore to continue the development course undertaken in these years, both commercial and technological, in order to constantly play a leading role in the tool market. BFT aims is to expand its range of product lines so that they can cover an increasing number of types of mechanical machining.

For the year 2018 the BFT Burzoni is introducing a lot of new products and projects. Two good example are the new line of turning inserts Gold Panther and the innovative development of a high feed indexable milling cutter, the TJ401. The new line of hard metal turning inserts called Gold Panther (GP, featured in a gold−plated coating will also keep track of the wear of the insert itself) included new geometries and new innovative coatings complement the already proven Black Panther line. In this way, the BFT further expands its range of possibilities in all application of turning machining. The new TJ401 is a milling cutter with a specific insert (SDMT12 and SDMT16) specifically developed for high feed operation of hard materials with large chip volume removal. The metal quality and the innovative coating of the inserts ensure an eficient and long tool life. The strategic direction of “BFT Panther” is not only to consolidate its position within the Italian market, but also intends to increase its commercial flow to foreign markets. “Even so, 90% of our turnover is achieved in the Italian market

− says Arianna Burzoni − we are already present in some foreign markets such as Brazil, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Romania Croatia and Slovenia. Certainly, BFT can boast points like the quality and professionalism of the service it offers to its customers. It will be the task of BFT’s commercial network to face the great challenge of expanding the foreign market share with the utmost enthusiasm. “