Baggi-Lux, energy saving plant

Baggi−Lux specialized in the production of fiberglass reinforced plastic skylights (FRP) and acrylic resin skylights (PMMA) and polycarbonate skylights (PC). The company has been specialised in the production of “smoke and heat evacuation system” (ENFC) and transportation of solar light for illumination for electricity saving in the buildings
Powerpipe−LUX system is an innovative device with a dome reflector collection furniture which guarantees the greatest light contribution throughout the day. The tracking system with GPS guidance located on the skylight that continuously moves the reflector in the best position to obtain the best reflection of light inside each individual device.
Light catching dome (UNI EN 1873: 2006) is made of compact shockproof polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA RESIST); the exposed part is naturally protected against UV rays. This system is able to offer:
•Considerable electricity saving if combined with a twilight control management system.

•Possibility of light engineering report with calculation of the average supplied LUX as required by the new ADF (average daylight factor) standard that requires the amount of LUX produced.

SunSmoke2000V−EVO is the smoke and heat evacuator created by Baggi−Lux that opens automatically in case of smoke from the fire. It is useful to get people out quickly from the premises because they can see, it is useful for the firefighters who intervene seeing us and the structures remain colder.
The Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust ventilator
S.H.E.V. “SunSmoke 2000V−EVO”, made with the characteristics specified in the standard (UNI EN 12101−2: 2004), with CE Certificate No. 0497ƒ CPRƒ4454 pursuant to the Construction Products Directive 89ƒ106ƒEEC, as amended by the Directive (CPD) 93ƒ68ƒEEC, European Regulation (CPR) 305ƒ2011ƒEU,
•Classification: Reliability Re300, Opening under load SL900, Low environment temperature T (00), Wind load WL1500, Heat resistance B300

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