L’Artigiana S.r.l.

Company activities concern production of:

•rotating pressure cylinders for textiles, plastics and paper plants, and, more detailed, in relation to the function and use, of:

-heating or drying rotating cylinders working with saturated steam;

-heating or drying rotating cylinders working with diathermic oil;

-cooling rotating cylinders working with cooling water; -generics rolls;

  • pressure vessels for petrochemical, gas and textile industry:
  • tanks also with quick closures
  • heat-exchangers;
  • body filters;


Materials employed in construction are: •stainless steels of group 300 (Aisi 304, 304L, 316, 316L,); EN10028-7 (1.4301,1.4307,1.4401,1.4404); •quality carbon steels (UNI EN 10028 P265GH, P275NH, P355GH, P355NH; A/SA 515, A/SA 516 in different grades);


Production usually includes:

  • design phase;
  • construction phase;
  • checking and verification during and at the end fabrication;
  • final inspections and tests;

In particular, construction activity makes use of

  • cutting, assembling and welding department including oxyfuel gas cutting CNC plant and shearing plant, roller leveling, bending, bevelling and welding plants ;
  • machining department including lathes, drilling, milling and band-polishing machines;


L’Artigiana S.r.l. is able to design and fabricate according to the following codes/stamps (under control of the relevant Inspection Authorities):

  • “CE” Stamp according to Pressure Equipment Directive (P.E.D.) 97/23 CE;
  • License D1+D2 “SELO” (according to Safety Quality License Office) for PRC market ;
  • “U” ASME Stamp ( work in process-according to Asme Sect. VIII Div. 1);


L’Artigiana has established a quality system conforming to the ISO 9001 – Vision 2000 including:

  • quality manual;
  • internal arranged procedures;

The company has established also the certification of welding qualification procedures conforming to the norms ASME IX; UNI EN 729-2 and the respective UNI EN 288, UNI EN 287, UNI EN 1418.

Working activity take place on an open area of 9800 square meters of which 2500 covered, with 6 overhead traveling cranes from 5 to 25 tons and altitude until 10 meters.


Company staff is represented by:

  • Managing Direction (Dr. Nicola Quaglia and Miss Floriana Quaglia);
  • Accounting Manager (Miss Floriana Quaglia); •Technical-Commercial and Purchase Manager (Dr. Nicola Quaglia);
  • Production Manager who is also Welding Co-ordinator (EWS “European Welding Specialist”) and the Workshop Foreman (Mr. Giuseppe Calini); •Quality Control Manager (Miss Sara Lombardi); •Work Safety and Environment Manager (Miss Romana Quaglia);
  • workmen as: qualified welders and/or welding operators, assemblers, mechanical skilled workers and employees;


In case of working peaks, L’Artigiana co-operates with some external companies qualified by itself. The company makes use also of qualified sub-suppliers

(SNT-TC-1A and EN-473) for N.D.T)