UFS, an Italian manufacturer completes 70 years of business in the production of tap tools

UFS is an Italian manufacturer who last year (2017), completed 70 years of business in the production of tap tools, for cutting internal threads.

The company, situated 50 Km for Turin, with 4000 square metres of industrial building and 50 employees, has continued to evolve following the requirements of the world of mechanics and of manufacturing materials, in use over innumerable applications and developed over these decades.

The results of UFS (UFS Technology Plant) research coupled with the manufacturing capacity guarantees high-performance products, able to satisfy the requirements of major mechanical processing, for small and large series (automotive, oil extraction facilities, naval, wind farms, aeronautics, heavy industry, etc.) The points of strength, recognized by so many clients of UFS are: Precision, flexibility and technical support. Furthermore,

the high technology applied to the tools and the control over the whole production process, carried out entirely in our own establishment, make us a safe and reliable partner.

The tools are 100% made at our premises, starting with steel bar from the best steel producers in Europe, tempered and processed according to our own consolidated cycles, covered with the latest generation PVD processes. With such a process, the “UFS tap” is without doubt known as amongst the best threading tools, with an appreciable price-quality ratio. Some UFS characteristics

  • Staff:

-50 employees, R&S, Design, Production, Sales

-2 production shifts

-Relatively low average age (<40 years)

-Significant potential for growth, due to our own organization and the acquired capacity for ability and excellence


  • The UFS catalogue, available on the site, offers a vast range of products, with over 8500 articles covering various standards of threading (M, MF, G PG, UNC-UNF-etc), from 2 mm to 160 mm, all complete, in steel with a high content of vanadium and cobalt, from powder (PM), with various types of product
  • Extensive product availability in stock; the warehouse holds over 500,000 taps for threading, contained in the “tower” of the automatic vertical store. A large Company investment to satisfy Clients with a consignment service within 24 hours of the client’s order.
  • Flexibility: Capacity for making taps to order from the Client’s or UFS design, supporting the client in fine tuning for use in their process.
  • Export: Greater than 50% of the global product sold, with presence in Europe, Asia and Latin America (commercial development continues, with investment in the search for Distributors in areas not yet covered).
  • The main applications of UFS taps:
  • Automotive (engine block, motor shaft, gear box, con rods, wheel hubs, tractor parts, car and lorry oil filter plate threading.

-Fittings, valves, and fittings, nuts -Naval industry

-Wind generator plant

Enclosed in “Special Applications”, brochure viewable in “News” on the site www.ufs.it