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Ksenia Security recently launched what they are terming as “the largest scalable hybrid control panel” that ranges from 40 to over 1000 I/O for Security as well as Home & Building Automation. 

The new panel has been designed for the present digital industrial revolution, and in fact, is called the lares 4.0. It is not only manageable but even programmable from any mobile with a dedicated APP (Ksenia Pro) for the Professional Installer only. According to Ksenia, the new lares 4.0 represents by far the most advanced and reliable Solution in the digital revolution (IoT) in terms of Security (Intrusion, Video-surveillance, Access control) and the Home & Building Automation markets. Users are able to manage a number of outputs equal to the number of inputs (detectors) in order to control lights, climate, irrigation, automatic doors, and windows, or, in short, any type of automation or appliances. In other words, on top of all the required security functionalities, even the Smart Home or Smart Building features can now be managed by a single User APP (lares 4.0) and programmed by the Installer from any mobile terminal via the Ksenia Pro APP.

In spite of its dimensions, the control panel’s motherboard is incorporated with a native Ethernet port as well as the onboard wireless transceiver (868 MHz bi-directional) and so is compatible with all existing wireless Ksenia’s peripherals. These control panels are also equipped with a double BUS system and detachable connectors. All motherboards are designed to operate directly on-board (with no need to have a communication BUS so as to enhance

the transit speed of all data) both the 3G Module (and soon the 4G-LTE) and, where required, the PSTN Module. This ensures that the transmission of voice messages, emails, contact ID and SIA DC-09 Level

  • Protocol to the CMS (Central Monitoring Stations) is provided in any application communication.

The Installer APP also enables the centralization and geo- localization of all panels installed and therefore offers the utmost in terms of maintenance and service by means of push notifications even for technical alerts (valid for all IoT panels: Lares 4.0 and Lares wls). The lares 4.0 platform has been developed and manufactured with what Ksenia believes to be unprecedented characteristics of power, calculation speed and capacity of memory calculations (even compared to the traditional lares) as specified in the table below.