The CALEOTTO Group has focused its core business in the marketing of high quality wire rod

The CALEOTTO Group is originated from the partnership between Duferco Italia Holding and Feralpi Siderurgica S.p.A. The CALEOTTO Group has focused its core business in the marketing of high quality wire rod, with a specific predisposition to provide quality service to customers. Both Duferco and Feralpi had years of experience in the steel industry segment. The Duferco Group was founded in 1979 and nowadays it is one of the main steel traders in the world. Since the 90s it has also been active in the production of steel in collaboration to important factories in Italy, Europe and North America. With a compact and integrated industrial system, it has 8,500 employees worldwide and produces over 21 million tons of steel a year. The Feralpi Group is one of the leading steel producers in Europe and its specialization is in the production of steels for construction. Since 1968, a path of continuous growth has given life to a Group that today produces over two million tons a year of steel and rolled and permanently employs 1,300 employees between Italy and Europe with an international and diversified structure. The production site is in Lecco, an historical area of Italian steel industry and it is managed by ARLENICO, a company of Caleotto S.p.A., with the task to carry out the productive role of the transformation through the process of hot rolling steel billets. The CALEOTTO Group aim to develop the best production of high quality steel wire rod with the highest standards in terms of products, processes, services and assistance.

The strong vocation to the quality has oriented the group strategy to high-end products. The industrial context of special steel production is characterized by a very high competitiveness and we are aware that “quality” is the key to develop and emerge in a such panorama of leading companies. This is the philosophy of CALEOTTO Group to deal with current and future commercial and technological challenges. With this optics of continuous improvement, the Caleotto Group is certified ISO9001, collaborates with the most prestigious Italian universities, is part of industry associations, chairs committees and conferences and with this spirit of innovation and collaboration will follow the path that will ferry it in the future.

Our vision is to operate toward our values: •Responsibility: we are responsible for our product at all levels

  • Respect: of the client, of anyone who works with us and for us, respect for regulations and the environment. •Teamwork: working together, sharing skills and knowledge while pursuing the same goals.
  • Continuous improvement: giving everyone the opportunity to grow and improve.
  • Security: anyone must be guaranteed to work in a safe environment.


The wire rode, characterized by a high degree of purity

and a low content of trace elements, are used to produce:

  • Shiny and chrome wires;
  • Deep galvanizing wires;
  • Flat laminates and special profiles, cold rolled or wire-drawn;
  • Chains;


  • steels with a carbon content between 0.04% and 0.08% with or without boron.

2.High drawability wire rods, characterized by a marked homogeneity and micro structural cleaning that makes them suitable to produce high mechanical resistance wires as:

  • Strands, braids and wires for prestressed concrete – CAP;
  • Bead wire and hose wire;
  • Special ropes and cables;
  • Mechanical, agricultural and  automotive  industry springs;
  • mattress springs;
  • Special nails;
  • Cold rolled strips;


  • Non-alloy carbon steels from C32D to C82D;
  • Silicon and silicon/aluminium rimmed steels;
  • High carbon chromium and chrome vanadium steels;

3.Wire rods with high plasticity and deformability, suitable for cold molding thanks to the characteristics of surface quality and micro purity. Suitable to produce:

  • Bolts for the automotive industry;
  • Bolts for the mechanical industry;
  • Screws and bolts from class 8.8 to class 12.9;
  • Rivets;
  • Mechanical parts extruded or cold pressed;


  • Silicon rimmed steels or unalloyed aluminium steels, with 0.04% to 0.40% carbon with or without boron; •Carbon steels and alloyed with molybdenum and chromium / molybdenum;

4.Wire rod to produce springs. High micro-purity and remarkable surface quality make it the suitable product for the mechanical sector and the automotive sector. The main applications are:

  • Springs for shock absorbers;
  • Clutch springs;
  • Springs for the valves;
  • Track tension springs;
  • Torsion bars;
  • Railway clips;


  • Chrome, silicon, vanadium alloyed steels

5.Wire rod characterized by very low inclusions content and very high structural homogeneity. The main applications are:

  • Arc welding wires in a protected atmosphere; •Submerged arc welding wires;
  • Electrodes in mild steel bars, both coated and uncoated.


We are investing in the development of our production range by expanding the technical know-how wealth through a continuous synergy with the technical and quality departments of the two steel mills supplier of billets/cutting edge, in terms of process and material innovation. Feasibility and in-depth studies are then carried out to analyse new steel technical brands. Each test is accompanied by numerous quality check carried out both at the steel mills and the laboratory located in Lecco plant.

The capability to offer customized products is one of the key points of our business.

The internal research process, highly focused on innovation, allows us to create a synergetic process and product development with the main counterparts, through the exchange of know-how between the respective quality departments. The strategic development of the Group considers in its guidelines a constant growth of added value from collaboration with customers, an increase in ties and relationships that are no longer just commercial but tend towards a real partnership.

A close synergy with the Politecnico di Milano guarantees technical support and a continuous exchange of know-how between the two partners, aimed to improve the products and rolling processes of the plant with the support of researchers and graduands.

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