Syncro Group new products showed at the exhibition plast 2018

At PLAST 2018, SYNCRO group will exhibit some new equipment on our 300 m2 booth, number A81.

The SYNCRO Groups range of products keeps increasing every year.

During the show, we will launch our new COMBOS CAN that is SYNCROs state of the art non-contact, non-radio-active scanner. The new design is more compact allowing for an easier installation, matching the family feel of the SYNCRO scanner series.

Another, even more, important product that our group is launching at the show, is the new batch auto cleaning system to automatically drain residual material inside the hopper before recipe changes.

SYNCRO-CST is the powder division of the SYNCRO

GROUP and will exhibit SMARLEX, the single-screw feeding system that features a flexible hopper and kneading paddle. Designed to feed hard-to-flow powders and synthetic fibers, SMARLEX ensures a homogenous material flow and perfect feeding. Operating off a single motor, through a dedicated transmission, the feeding screw and kneading paddles keep a constant material flow even with difficult products. If working with a significant output, a dedicated motor for the kneading paddle can be installed to set the screw and paddle at their optimal individual speeds.

C-MULTY is SYNCRO-CST’s modular multi-component feeding station perfect for starving feed extrusion. The C-MULTY can be customized for each customer’s specifications, working with the full range of SYNCRO-

CST’s feeders. This station guarantees an accurate feeding of each product, independent of specifications. Each component is fed separately through a loss-in-weight unit into a common collecting hopper on the extruder inlet. One of the most important products being unveiled is the new vacuum receiver from the CONVY series. This receiver will be equipped with rigid FDA-certified PTFE cartridges and an air jet self-cleaning system and will be completely sealed against powder leakages. The PTFE filters are water-safe for easy cleaning during maintenance and can be easily removed through an upper door. Long duration and high filtration efficiency are guaranteed.

Syncro-Plasmac are exhibiting their OMEGA ECO air cooled machine for the reprocessing of all forms of scrap material from reels, start-up waste and loose materials. Incorporating Plasmacs unique short screw technology, they will show world class power efficiency, recycling scrap materials using as little as 0.25 kW per Kg. They will also be running their direct extrusion Alpha 45 machine for the simultaneous recycling of trims and reels, coupled with their Powerfeed system,

this allows Plasmac to offer a full turnkey solution for trim handling and recycling.

SYNCRO Group is also exhibiting their newest technology, measuring, testing and fault detecting systems for the Wire Extrusion sector. Launched at the recent WIRE show in Dusseldorf, this is an exciting new product range that takes SYNCRO in to a new market sector. CAPAMEX measure the insulation capability for electrical cables on high-speed cable extrusion lines, DEFEX is a device for the in-line measurement and identification of surface defects, DIAMEX is dedicated to the non-contact measurement of the diameter of cables and pipes of different sizes, GLIMEX is a device for the in-line detection of insulation defects of an electric cable and then VELOMEX that is a laser device based on the Doppler effect (LDV) developed to measure without contact and with very high precision the speed and length of the product.

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