Tool Steels by Lucchini RS

>Interview with Luigi Lucchini – Forging & Casting Division Operations Director

Lucchini RS is known worldwide as a leader in the manufacturing of products and solutions for railway rolling stock.

How important is the tool steel market for your company?

There is no doubt that over the last ten years the company has devoted most of its investments, more than 200 million euros, to renewing the Railway division’s plants and machinery. This has brought 70% of the Group’s consolidated turnover today, about 430 million euros, to come precisely from the Railway division. Despite this fact, the Forging & Casting division continues to be fundamental for us; in fact, the industrial plan drawn up last year outlines a path for the division’s development

in order to cover new markets and offer new products.

Tool Steel plays a central role in this.


Should the acquisition of “Euras”, today Lucchini Tool Steel, be interpreted along these lines?

Exactly. Contact with the final user is fundamental, as is the guarantee and technical assistance that only “steelworks” can give. While improvised producers who perhaps produce steel at their sites and outsource the forging to third parties are common right now, I believe that being able to control the entire supply chain provides customers with a more effective guarantee on the product, as well as more flexibility.

When we decided to acquire “Eurasia” in 2017, we set ourselves challenging objectives in terms of volumes and new customers. I was certain of the work of Mr. Forcella, the President of Lucchini Tool Steel, but witnessing how the objectives have already been surpassed today makes

me truly optimistic about the implementation of the plan in the next few years.

Not just plastic, but also die-casting.

Are you focusing on this sector?

It could not be otherwise. We have been present in this sector for many years, but especially in the last two years we have seen a significant increase in volumes that can be attributed to the market’s confirmation of our quality and seriousness. The results are good but not enough for us; we still want to grow, both in Italy and abroad.

Many large players neglect the plastics industry, at times using third party products. Will you also implement this strategy?

Absolutely not. Those who purchase Lucchini RS steel are confident that the steel was produced and forged on the shores of Lake Iseo, where our production plant is located. In order to be competitive in the plastics sector, we have invested and continue to invest in production equipment and warehouse. All this in order to be flexible and offer customers what they need, when they need it.

>>Interview with Alberto Ronchi – Lucchini Tool Steel Director

Euras, a company that has been known for decades in the distribution of tool steels, was sold at the beginning of last year by Acciai Brianza to Lucchini RS, the well-known company that has produced these products in its steelworks in Lovere (Bergamo) for decades.

The service centre is managed by Mr. Alberto Ronchi, thirty-year-old, thanks to his qualified experience gained in the field; we met with him for an interview. The declared objective of the Lucchini RS Group is to put the entire production-distribution chain at the service of its customers.


Tell me about the first year at Lucchini Tool Steel.

I’d firstly like to point out that the close collaboration of LRS and EURAS, today Lucchini Tool Steel, has always been constructive and the continuous exchange of information has allowed us to best grasp the opportunities offered by the market.

This direct relationship is reflected in the considerable acceleration in sales volumes, which has involved both the plastic molds segment and the die-casting one.

The verticalization of our distribution has been received quite well by the market, mainly as regards the product’s qualitative aspect and the related technical services offered pre- and post-sales.

So did you also invest by strengthening your team?

Obviously yes, while also maintaining a lean and reactive structure. The presence of our vendors throughout Italy is fundamental.

We want to grow in a sustainable manner, and the entire team is focused on the immediate needs of the customer.

And how do you plan to achieve this?

With dedication and determination, without ever forgetting the considerable financial commitment that materializes in large volumes of steel that are always available to meet customers’ demand.

How do you see Lucchini Tool Steel in the future?

We will do what has been planned with great care and we will grow while always remaining a trustworthy and reliable partner able to offer all the services that the constantly evolving tool steels market asks of us.

I’d lastly like to add that I hope you enjoy your visit to our stand during this important exhibition; for us it is a perfect occasion for meeting and continuing our dialogue in the years to come.