INOX MECC is a national leader for the manufacturing of valve components in the Oil & Gas industry. Since 50 years produces stems from 1/2 ” to 70 ” and up to 8 mt. length and any other valve components according to the customer specifications and customer drawings such us bodies, closures, bonnets, discs, seats, glands, extensions flanges up to maximum Ø of 900 mm built.

Thanks to the background, the consolidated know-how and the technical staff, IM is also able to manufacture the complete range of valve fittings & wellhead components and instrumentation valves for different application as well.


Our technical department can support you and provide the best solution required, designing a fully tailor made products according to the project specification both in terms of design and material requirements.
Based on the available materials in our warehouse IM can manufacture the entire range of production in any material such as AISI 410, 316 and 304 steels, duplex, superduplex, titanium, nickel alloys (Inconel 625, Inconel718) and hastelloy as a fast track items. Each material is duly certified and we have a complete traceability during our production line according to ISO and API certification.
In addition to the above we can provide you the complete item with special coatings and surface treatments, from a quality point of view we can carry on standard NDT or supplementary laboratory tests such as MICRO, Impact Test, Corrosion Test and more.



The facility area (on 10.000 spm) is equipped with the best high technologies machinery for lathing, lapping, drilling, threading, milling, cutting, broaching and welding. Inox Mecc policy is the following: being able to offer the higher standards, from the single item to full batches, from small to big dimensions, through an internal manufacturing production and qualified sub-suppliers with the most upgrade level of equipment and knowledge and relying on highly qualified, flexible and skilled staff.


Modern equipment, consolidated skills and ‘just in time’ process management ensure both prompt responses and the highest technical and quality performance as well as competitive prices for the petrochemical market.

3 INOX MECC quality system is certified according to UNI- EN-ISO 9001 and API Q1 and also qualified with Monogram APi 6A license for Ring Joint Gaskets; In 2016 we have obtained the certification of Quality, Environmental and Safety Integrated System according to UNI EN ISO 9001; OHSAS 8001; UNI EN ISO 14001.
The next target will be the certified with the EU Export Compliance License.

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