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BFT Burzoni is a constantly evolving company and every day brings new products to offer to their clients. The company has achieved great results from two innovative carbide grades CCD40 and CCT35, designed for the machining of challenging materials such as stainless steels, titanium, titanium alloys, Duplex and Superduplex (HRSA). They ensure high toughness in conditions of extreme temperatures, allowing high cutting speeds and higher tool life, as well as absolute reliability during the machining process in both milling and turning that.

The commercial strategy is to improve the net of the Italian market, where the BFT is achieving very good results, and to develop the other foreign markets such as Germany, Spain, Brazil, Croatia and Poland: for example in Germany the BFT is starting a new commercial net with two direct technical agents on the field.

Another really import point for the BFT is the service to the customer: in fact the company has one of the most equipped warehouse of Europe, with 45.000 items and more than 10.000.000 pcs ready to delivery. Part of the service is also the technical support that our sales force give: the company does not sell just a product but follow the customer helping him to get to the best results.

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The product strategy is always to improve the quality, due to offer new technical solutions for all the mechanical machining. Last news arrived home BFT is a new line of carbide cutters designed specifically for the moulds construction market. This line of tools is the first step of the company towards the realization of a more comprehensive project dedicated to this important sector. In fact, the company also presents a new line of shrink fitting spindles that guarantee a better tool securing and therefore a greater precision in mechanical machining.

To complete the offer dedicated to the moulds sector will soon be presented a new line of milling insert including both torus and round inserts able to cover various processes (generic applications, machining of pockets, machining of light alloys, etc). This line also will be flanked by a series of hard metal extensions that guarantee best stability and that are often used precisely for machining of molds.

Another important new feature is the solid carbide end mill Runner: this cutter allows BFT to offer a high performance and innovative product. It allows not only to mill at high feed parameters (both roughing and finishing), but also to carry out drilling from solid (at 90°) and in interpolation and milling operations in the ramp to 15°, 30° and 45°.

Alberto e Arianna Burzoni alla EMO 2015 a Milano allo stand BFT
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