Written by Franco Parrilla, sales manager of Sormec Automations


Sormec Automations: A 40-Year Journey of Innovation and Industrial Excellence

For over 40 years, Sormec Automations has navigated the seas of industrial process industrialization, shaping the future of industrial automation with creativity and precision. With pride and passion, I recount the story of a company that has made innovation its flag, crossing national borders and successfully establishing itself in the international market.

A Solid Background: Over 40 Years of Experience

Founded in 1983, our story is a testimony to constant growth and adaptation. Over 40 years of experience in the field of industrial process industrialization position us as pioneers in the automation sector. We look to the past with gratitude and to the future with the same determination that has distinguished us from the beginning..

The Strength of Core Business: Production of Plants and Machinery

Our core business is the production of plants and machinery, a universe that includes rotary tables, robotized islands, pallet lines, and testing automations. Synergy is the key to our success: we automate entire production departments, from mechanical processing to assembly, integrating logistics and packaging. We build tailor-made projects, shaping solutions around the customer’s needs with a project management approach that guarantees excellent results.

A Global Vision: 60% of Turnover for the Foreign Market

We consider ourselves citizens of the automation world. With two facilities covering 5000 square meters of production space, we employ 40 direct talents, and 60% of our turnover comes from an international market hungry for innovative and reliable solutions. Our global presence is synonymous with quality and efficiency.

Key Sectors: Specialization and Diversification

The sectors we embrace are diversified and specialized, ranging from machinery for the formation and processing of electric resistors to those dedicated to heating equipment, electric motors, and alternators, to the assembly of appliances, and special machines for sectors such as medical, automotive, and cosmetic. The birth in 2022 of the Packaging Division, dedicated to the cardboard packaging process, is evidence of our ability to anticipate new consumption trends.



Unique Competencies: Mechanical Processing and Custom Automation

In addition to machines and assembly and testing lines for electric motors in the eldom, medical, and plastic molding sectors, we stand out for unique competencies in managing processes with advanced mechanical processing. From welding with robotized cells to various processes on metal tubes related to heating equipment and radiators, we can tackle complex challenges in various sectors.

The 2022 Revolution: Packaging Division

2022 marked a turning point with the opening of the Packaging Division. We invest strongly in machinery and automatic lines for the cardboard packaging process, responding to the needs of an ever-evolving market. Sormec is synonymous with innovation, and the Packaging Division is our most recent chapter in this book of successes.

The Art of Tailored Automation

At Sormec Automations, we don’t just produce machines and plants. Our mission is the art of tailored automation. The management of complex processes, the ability to anticipate market needs, and dedication to continuous improvement are our calling card.

Franco Parrilla, the technical sales manager of Sormec automations invite you to explore the future with Sormec Automations. In addition to being solution providers, we are innovation partners. Contact us and visit us to explore how the art of tailored automation can transform your production landscape.

Sormec Automations is not only a pioneer in industrial automation but also a protagonist in creating a sustainable future. Europe, with its rich tradition of innovation and environmental awareness, is the fertile ground where Sormec continues to cultivate cutting-edge ideas and solutions. An open invitation remains for those who share our vision: to explore, collaborate, and shape the future of industrial automation sustainably.



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