Why the Gerotto “No More Risk” should also be your tagline?

We are always proud to say that our motto is “No More Risk” because we successfully deal with safety every day.
During the years we focused on industrial cleaning and maintenance in dangerous spaces such as tanks, mines, explosion risk areas, and even in underwater environments in order to understand how to minimize risks for operators in these fields.

Picture 1. The Bull ROV Underwater

To cope with this problem, we developed a range of Mini Robots Excavators designed to assure a deep removal of sludge, mud and sediments in dangerous areas. In order to do so, Gerotto’s robots are made of special materials and equipped with heavy duty explosion proof cameras and lights to be remotely guided from a safe area by an operator.

Picture 2. Dozer RC

Gerotto is the company with the largest range of choice among the industrial cleaning “No Man Entry” robots which are distributed worldwide and machines’ rent is also available. The use of these technologies put in place a revolutionary way to work in dangerous places that not just provide safety for human lives,
but also contributes to cost saving, faster maintenance and less downtime in activities.

If we have to synthesized our approach with one adjective, it would be “customized”.

Every client has his own different work environment and meets specific problems. Only deeply analysing the single situation we could be sure that we can provide a customized technology that can perfectly fit the customer’s needs.
The perfect example of this customization is our Tank Cleaner Configurator System: a robot specifically designed for the tank cleaning operation with an overall
structure that permit to work from a safe distance.

Picture 3. Tank cleaner

Thanks to its large number of interchangeable accessories, such as high pressure water nozzles, auger configurations and ATEX zone zero cameras and lights, the Tank Cleaner is able to work even in the most dangerous environments and to adapt to every client’s request.

Picture 4. High pressure water nozzle

Customization means also assist our clients in every purchase phase.

Robots’ effectiveness and easiness to use are the main focus of our technical department, but, at the same time, we know that the initial support to our clients is fundamental. That’s way the Gerotto team customized also the clients’ training in order to explain how to get the best results from the use of the selected product. Moreover, our service department is always available to answer further needs.

If you value human safety and work effectiveness, the Gerotto “No More Risk” philosophy should also be yours.