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Packaging line for safety masks
MICROPACK PRO flow-wrapper to package safety mask in polyethylene or polypropylene bags

Imanpack Packaging provides several packaging solutions for surgical, dust, pollution and filtering masks.

Flow-wrappers and cartoning machines to fit any need for packaging in polyethylene or polypropylene bag or in a cardboard box.

New MICROPACK PRO LTS flow-pack:  a revamped design, guaranteed efficiency  and high production performance
MICROPACK PRO LTS with extended sealing time and a more electronic and rational configuration

Imanpack Packaging has completely revamped its line of extended sealing flow-pack wrapping machines with MICROPACK PRO LTS, a model boasting a more electronic and rational configuration.

The LTS horizontal wrapping machine features a transversal sealing unit, with a displacement of up to 200 mm, which provides extended sealing times compared to the standard rotating version. In fact, the displacement movement makes it possible to maintain the sealing for up to 200 mm, guaranteeing a higher resistance wrapping in single-layer or multi-layer heat sealing film as well as in 100% pure polythene (PE).

It is a highly versatile wrapping machine, ideal for a huge assortment of products of various sizes, producing packages with widths of up to 225 mm, heights of up to 140 mm and lengths with no restrictions.

The wrapping machine is equipped with an independent servo-assisted motorised system for each handling operation, ensuring optimal electronic control of the wrapping process whilst cutting format change times to a minimum.

The applications for this new horizontal wrapping machine are infinite: from packaging of hardware, kits, automotive and spare parts, disposable plastic products, homeware, food, medical, textile, publishing, paper manufacturing and many more.

This new design complies with the film consumption reduction standards during processing, with innovative technical solutions that minimise costs whilst still guaranteeing reliability.

All parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 304 steel or any other food-grade material.

This horizontal wrapping machine with extended sealing time can be equipped with a series of accessories making it even more versatile.

The accessories available include: an automatic feed system, a European packaging punch system, a gas delivery system for food products, labelling machines and printers for package customisation, insertion of a photocell for the centering of package printing, dual reel holder with an automatic reel to reel changer to avoid machine down times.

The new version of the MICROPACK PRO LTS can wrap up to 60 packages a minute, depending on the size of the product and the quality and type of film, hence guaranteeing excellent productivity rates.

We can also conduct feasibility studies on personalised solutions to meet the specific packaging demands of our customers.


The measurements of the standard version of the wrapping machine are: 3850 x 1200 x H 2000 mm.

250 mm transverse sealing bar.

The maximum packaged product measurements are as follows:

  • Length: from 30 mm onwards
  • Width: from 20 to 225 mm
  • Height: up to 140 mm

Reel dimensions: Maximum width 500 mm with a maximum external diameter of 350 mm.

PLC + 7” wide HMI Touch Screen

All Imanpack wrapping machines can be remotely controlled and interfaced with all state-of-the-art process monitoring systems, embracing the Industry 4.0

If you are interested in observing the potential of this new flow-pack wrapping machine, do not hesitate to contact us for a free quotation, with no obligation at or call our head office at +39 0445 578811