Duepi srl – Molds design and manufacturing. Injection molding of Technopolymers and Liquid Silicon

Duepi S.r.l. is specialized in the production of custom made items out of techno-polymers and liquid silicon. From the designing and manufacturing of the molds, to the molding and finishing of the ready-made single or assembled articles.

Duepi S.r.l. has a long experience with the most modern technologies and tools in the Rubber and Plastic industry. The know-how of its collaborators, the computerized and robotized molding technologies, as much as the versatility of the techno-polymers allow Duepi S.r.l. to create a wide range of products for the most various applications: from custom made elements for baby products, to the electric and electronic industry, going through the pharmaceutical and the hydraulic business satisfying the largest demand for various industrial needs.

The great competence of its team allowed Duepi S.r.l. to widen the range or products to new types of materials such as luminous techno-polymers, but also special elastomers like liquid silicon.

The design and creation of articles starting from the study of the mold, make Duepi S.r.l. a valid partner also for those Companies, that want to produce the final products in house and are looking for a good supplier of the molds.


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