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F.lli Paris Srl – Rotary Shaft Oil Seals and custom made articles in various Elastomers, and Rubber-to-Metal

The Company F.lli Paris S.r.i. starts in 1979 as a production Company for custom made technical articles in rubber. Competitiveness, Vision and foresight have allowed the Company to diversify production in the years, getting to the nowadays opportunity to meet on a widespread and effective way the requirements for the […]

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Duepi srl – Molds design and manufacturing. Injection molding of Technopolymers and Liquid Silicon

Duepi S.r.l. is specialized in the production of custom made items out of techno-polymers and liquid silicon. From the designing and manufacturing of the molds, to the molding and finishing of the ready-made single or assembled articles. Duepi S.r.l. has a long experience with the most modern technologies and tools […]

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