Tecna: resistance welding expanded and a world more

TECNA SPA is a worldwide leading Italian manufacturer with 50-year experience in Resistance Spot Welding, Car Body Repair and in Spring Balancers, with USA-based branch, TECNA USA INC., growing stronger by the year ever since its inception, in 2017.

TECNA is a worldwide known brand associated with reliability, strength and durability.
What you may not yet know about TECNA and TECNA USA is our continuous push for Research and Innovation, with the aim to keep our technologies and know-how to the State-of-the-Art level.

We wish to bring to your attention lines where TECNA has been growing strongly in know-how, which we transfer to our customers so they can benefit and grow stronger as well, in line with TECNA’s historical mission of making the perfect weld accessible to anyone and everyone.

DIFFUSION WELDING is one, a technology literally exploding in recent years, following the challenges of EV- mobility and Energy Transition.

TECNA invests strongly in this technology and developed a solid control over this complex process, often relayed by most to just intuition or “magic”, allowing our customers to reach a level of time-quality optimization and control unseen before.

Diffusion Welding requires incredible forces and the application of currents over long periods of time. We could achieve this, thanks to the massive structures of our heavy machines, which peaked in what is possibly the largest Resistance Welding Machine ever built in recent times: our incredible H4000 Portal frame Press Welder, capable of reaching an amazing 40ton force over a 900x600mm area, and hold currents for unlimited lengths of time …but you may not necessarily need all that to weld your parts.

ROBOT SPOT WELDING is another, where TECNA developed a true game changing line of Robot Servo Guns which introduce a completely new concept of modularity, so the gun becomes a true universal tool, capable of adapting to the variety of robots and applications today’s market displays and bringing performances unknown to this segment before.

Finally SPRING BALANCERS, a market where TECNA, an industry leader, offers a complete range, from general purpose to the world’s first ATEX, ESD and FOOD INDUSTRY dedicated products, now enriched by the BOWDEN Retractors, possibly the greatest innovation in recent decades.

You can find out all this on our website https://www.tecna.net/en/ or you may contact us to discuss your projects and ideas: sales@tecna.net and tecna-usa@tecna-usa.com

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