smartLink product family from Softing offers access to PROFINET networks

Softing is expanding the smartLink product family with two new members: smartLink HW-PN and smartLink SW-PN enable access to PROFINET networks. Softing’s smartLink product family enables industrial companies to efficiently implement connectivity at the interface between OT and IT. The previously available smartLink HW-DP hardware solution and smartLink SW-HT software enabled integration into PROFIBUS and HART systems. The new smartLinks PN also come as a hardware application (smartLink HW-PN) and as a software module (smartLink SW-PN) and provide  access to PROFINET networks.

The hardware gateway smartLink HW- PN and the Docker container software smartLink SW-PN enable controller- independent access to PROFINET field devices. In addition, access to PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA field devices connected via a PROFINET PROFIBUS proxy from Softing Industrial is possible. Supported are the Softing aplSwitch Field PA, Softing pnGate PA and Softing pnGate DP.

Integration can be carried out seamlessly and without affecting the ongoing operation of existing systems. Transparent PROFINET and PROFIBUS communication is ensured by the integrated FDI communication server, while an integrated 2-port switch in the hardware application enables use in Ethernet lines or ring structures.

The application areas of smartLinks PN range from parameterization and asset management to the monitoring of PROFINET and PROFIBUS devices. The advantages for the user are numerous: Industry 4.0 applications can be exploited to their full potential without significant intervention in existing installations. Implementation is cost efficient as it can be carried out while the system is in operation.

The investment is transparent and predictable. Thanks to a flexible license model that calculates the costs according to the number of PROFINET and PROFIBUS devices addressed, the costs for the solution remain scalable. The use of OPC UA in conjunction with the FDI specification makes integration much easier, increases the efficiency of communication and at the same time ensures security in data exchange.