S Sistemi has well solved the problem of the logistics, taking care of the shipments to customers domicile

Serving clients throughout the world has highlighted the problem of logistics that S Sistemi has well solved taking charge of the shipment to customers domicile, working out any problem related to transportation, including import and customs clearance needs at destination.

S Systems is now able to run expeditions for any kind of goods, in the different methodologies: by land, by sea and by air, as well as for large plants. The business has grown in EUROPE, ASIA, AUSTRALIA, AFRICA, AMERICA in collaboration with a wide network of agents located in all the served destinations that allow s sistemi to operate even in the field of ehxibitions with a well trained and expert team. We also offer dededicated and express services all over europe, pick-up and storage paying utmost care in handling products, mainly for furniture and furnishing.