Huth Benders and End Formers … the best value for small and mid- sized Manufacturers

Huth Ben Pearson International is a world leader in equipment and tooling for tube and pipe fabricators. Whether you are looking for a pipe bending machine for trailer manufacturing, race car fabrication, exhaust replacement service or manufacturing fabrication, our users brag about their results.
We make and stock a wide range of tooling for bending round, square and rectangular tubing, solid bar, and flat stock, as well as end forming tooling for round tubing.
Our American made, high quality equipment is sturdy, reliable and often lasts decades. We also make custom tooling for your specific application requirements.

All Huth brand equipment is CE listed.

Huth offers Simple, Tough, Pipe and Tube Benders. Ideal for Manufacturing and Frame Fabrication, Huth benders are strong, powerful, and fast working. They feature ergonomic knee control  that allows safe, hands-free operation. Huth benders can handle tight radius bends. Center-line radii of 3 1⁄2”, 4” and 5” are available.
Most Huth benders include a built-in end forming station for expanding, reducing, and swaging. This gives a range of 1” to 3” tubing on reducing and swaging and 1” to 51⁄2” tubing on segment expanding.
Our Heavy Duty Benders feature a 6-inch hydraulic cylinder, 97,000 lbs. of bending power, steel I-beam construction and heavy steel framing.

In addition, a 7 1⁄2 h.p. motor and heavy- duty gates and bushings ensure they work powerfully year after year. Many Huth benders feature smart automatic mode with an adjustable return-to-home position control, ensuring accuracy and repeatability.
Our 2650/2660 Fabrication Benders feature an extra-large 10-gallon oil tank ideally suited for continuous, multi- shift use.

Huth’s Complete HB-10 Bender Package includes a comprehensive tooling package – everything you need.
It has knee control activation, manual depth-of-bend control, and 58,000 lbs. of bending power.
Huth benders user applications include: Trailers Fencing, Gates Pole Barns Carports Sport, recreation, and playground Equipment Farm Structures (Feed Rings, Panels, Saddle Racks) Boat Frame-Lifts Industrial Racking And many more!
Huth’s Comprehensive line of End Forming Machines … provide capability to expand, reduce, swage, and create a variety of end forms. Huth’s unique Accu-Sizer system is perfect for right-on expansions, job after job, and includes metric dimensions.
Huth 1673 expanding, swaging, and reducing machine … swages and reduces easily from 1” to 3” and features a compact design on wheels. It also offers 25,000 pounds of expanding power, going from 1” to 5-1/2” ID. Huth 1674 Dual head expanding machine … has two different hydraulic expanders with 25,000 lbs. and 49,000 lbs. of expanding power, respectively. Expands 1 1⁄2-6 “, up to 12” with custom tooling.
Huth 1690 and 1691 single cylinder expanding machines
… are compact yet deliver 25,000 pounds of expanding power. Perfect for manufacturing, foot pedal controls give you hands-free operation, and they come with tooling needed for expanding from 11⁄2” to 31⁄2”.

Huth 1685S Mitey mate hand-held expander … puts 18,500 pounds of expanding force in your hands. This compact, hand-held powerhouse runs on shop air and comes with tooling to expand 11⁄2” to 3” I.D.
Huth Tooling is second to none … and is machined from solid steel and hardened to a minimum of 58 Rockwell “C” scale. All Huth tooling is available from shelf stock in Imperial and metric sizes and is an excellent value. We also make custom tooling to your specification.