Sylvania launches its flagship Digital Platforms: SylSmart Energy and SylSmart Connected Pro to unlock the potential of intelligent buildings

The challenge of energy efficiency and reaching your carbon targets EU building operations contribute to 28% of greenhouse gas emissions, with lighting accounting for 30% of energy use.

Due to its rapid ROI lighting is a strategic starting point for reducing carbon footprint and moving towards net-zero. Compliance with the EU Climate Change Law requires buildings to improve energy efficiency to meet the 2050 net-zero emissions target.
Feilo Sylvania’s SylSmart solutions offers analytics and visualizations to identify inefficiencies and support energy-saving decisions. SylSmart Energy SylSmart Energy is an advanced energy monitoring and analytics platform that empowers businesses to take actions aiming to enhance building efficiencies and work towards carbon neutrality.

This turnkey solution helps to identify the gap between their current carbon emissions compared to their targets identifying where, when and how energy is used on your site by:
•Centralised energy insights – to access granular data collected from all individual energy sources on one platform.
•Easy monitoring & in-depth analytics – to monitor your progress and ensure the strategies you employ are working. It can also support the acquisition of ISO50001, ISO14001 & IPMVP methodology.
•User-friendly data visualisation – to make sense of the data and quickly gain insights.
•Reporting – Scheduled reports of energy usage on single or multiple sites
•Comprehensive connectivity – Multiple means of importing and visualising data from other systems and exporting data via REST API.

Let’s take meaningful steps towards sustainability, energy conservation, and a greener future.

SylSmart Connected Pro

SylSmart Connected utilises qualified Bluetooth mesh communication for intelligent, wireless lighting control, offering you ease of installation, reduced operational costs, and minimal maintenance. With integrated intelligence in each luminaire, it ensures reliability, granularity of data and control and a unique smart lighting experience.
SylSmart Connected Pro is an innovative digital platform that extends the possibilities of SylSmart Connected and paves the way to digitalisation of building infrastructure.
•Accessible from any location with a user friendly cloud-based platform
•Detailed asset management Comprehensive overview of assets in tabular and floorplan view
•Advanced analytics: The digital platform seamlessly integrates data gained from your SylSmart Connected system enabling:

-Lighting Management: Gain insight into the performance of your lighting assets
-Space Management: Understand how, when and where your space is being used.
-Energy Analytics: Empower decision- makers for effective net-zero plans.

•Proactive Fault Reporting (Coming Soon)
•Robust Cybersecurity: Secure by design, employing the latest industry best practices (OWASP Top 10; Mitre and continuously monitored using Azure Defender and third-party penetration testing)
•Integration with other systems: Leverage the granular data in Connected Pro to augment other systems such as BMS.

Wherever you are on your journey to digitalisation, SylSmart Connected Pro is a scalable solution which can be added to an existing SylSmart Connected system and enhanced using advanced packages as and when needed.

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