How a Camec turnkey system is born

All CAMEC systems are designed in a customized manner, thus constituting real unique pieces/one-offs: there is no system that is identical to another because each one of them is designed based on direct consultation/ comparison with the customers and specific analysis of their needs.

The process leading to the realization and implementation of a CAMEC system/plant involves several key steps:

Start of design: initial consultations with costumers allow us to gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics and specific/distinctive features of their business and collecting essential/key information to design the system correctly.

Project development: by analyzing the gathered data, CAMEC technicians can identify the most suitable solutions to address the customer’s needs.
This involves selecting machinery types that align with the customer’s requirements and defining necessary customizations to provide a truly tailor- made solution that is efficient, operator- safe, and easy to manage and maintain. Machinery construction: CAMEC manufactures all project machinery internally, ensuring meticulous attention to the quality of materials and technologies used, thereby delivering a fully customized product made entirely in Italy.

Installation, setup, and test grinding: CAMEC technicians handle the installation of the system personally at the client’s premises, providing a completely turnkey service. CAMEC after-sales services CAMEC systems are always designed and built in a customized way, and even the phases following the implementation of the system are managed in synergy with the customer, to continue offering them a tailor-made service, truly in line with their needs.

CAMEC technicians remain available to customers to offer them assistance/ support over time, taking care of the scheduled maintenance activities of the systems and the supply of spare parts, especially regarding components subject to wear and tear, such as plates and cutting elements of the grinder.

For this specific need, CAMEC offers all its customers the opportunity to join the My Camec service, an assistance program that simplifies the management of maintenance activities, scheduling interventions in advance, and taking advantage of benefits and discounts on spare parts.