Signing documents the quickest and easiest way

There is no need to waste time and money getting documents signed on paper when it can be done digitally in minutes, says Oliver Zügel

Oliver Zügel

It can be a laborious process when documents need to be signed by several people in your organisation, taking time and tying up precious resources.

But they can now be completed instantly by all those who need to sign them, wherever they are.
It just needs DocuSign to be connected to your SAP ERP system using the apsolut eSignature Connector for DocuSign.
The solution slashes turnaround times for your documents so that your people can get on with developing your company and creating success.

By integrating DocuSign with your SAP ERP system, you automate the digital signing process while ensuring compliance requirements are met. Your data is legally secure in a smooth process, automatically archiving in your SAP backend system according to your specifications.

You start with the signing process for a document in your familiar SAP ERP system, creating the document, for example a purchase order, just as you would if no signature were needed. The system automatically selects the right people to sign as soon as you save the document. Before it is sent, you can check who will receive it. These could include, for example, responsible people in the purchasing department, or suppliers.

You then send the document out and recipients can open it with any device and sign digitally. The right place for the signature is already indicated for them.
In your SAP ERP system you can view the signature status of the document at any time, so you always enjoy complete transparency. You can see when all signatures have been completed. The apsolut eSignature Connector gives you a fully signed document in just a few minutes.

Benefits offered by the apsolut eSignature Connector for DocuSign include:

-Relevant signers are automatically identified in SAP ERP (ECC or S/4HANA ) based on rules
-The electronic signing process is automatically started from SAP ERP for purchase orders, supplier contracts, sales orders, invoices, quotations and more
-Status tracking of the signing process takes place directly in SAP ERP
-Support of Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) and two- factor authentication with SMS; automatic transfer of mobile phone numbers from ERP master record
-Signed documents are stored in SAP ERP or in a connected archiving system of your choice
-SAP ERP master data changes can be automated based on signed documents (DocuSign templates or PowerForms)

The apsolut eSignature Connector for DocuSign links DocuSign to your SAP ERP system smoothly and efficiently, giving you peace of mind that all your documents are properly completed and compliant in a quick, simple and fully transparent process.

Oliver Zügel is principal and product owner at apsolut Group, Number One in Intelligent Spend Management and Digital Business Transformation.

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