TM.I.C., Innovation through Tradition since 1912

TM.I.C. – Termomeccanica Industrial Compressors Srl is the Italian leader in developing, manufacturing and commercializing oil injected screw compressors for air and gas applications based in La Spezia (Liguria), in the Northwest of Italy.

Our History

The company was founded in 1912 in La Spezia as “Cerpelli & Co.” with the aim of creating supplies in naval and oil sectors. In 1934 adopted the name “Termomeccanica Italiana” for the first time. This was the dawn of a new era.
1950s and 60s were marked by great successes in producing opposed-cylinder compressors for refineries all over the world.
In 1996, the new holding company designed new Screw Air Compressors with the aim of replacing piston compressors.
Thanks to this breakthrough, between 1996 and 2002, TM.I.C. succeeded on developing an entire range of Screw Compressors not only for Air but also for Gas and Marine applications covering a wide spectrum of uses: from small ones for personal use (3 KW) all the way up to an industrial level (300 KW).

Inspiring an Ecological Revolution Today, TM.I.C. is always up to date with global and technological evolution thanks to the production of compressors with no negative environmental impact and solutions capable of recovering dispersed gas. For this reason, we are a globally recognized player thanks to the excellence that permeates throughout the company and guarantees unrivalled quality to his customers.

Our company not only designs and manufactures Oil Injected Bare Shaft Screw Compressors for Air & Gas applications which are internationally acknowledged, for their outstanding performance, long-life and innovation but also offers high-speed delivery and service to its worldwide customer base.

1) HP 26 | HP Series

Oil Injected Bare Shaft Screw Compressor.
Flow Range: 7.8 – 36 m3/min [270 – 1260 cfm]
Power Range: 90 – 350 kW [120 – 470 hp]
Working Pressure: 25 bar(g) [360 psi(g)]

2)ITA – TS 23 | ITA – TS Series

Oil Injected Two Stage Screw Compressor.
Flow Range: 14.5 – 27 m3/min [500 – 950 cfm]
Power Range: 110 – 270 kW [147 – 360 hp]
Working Pressure: 25 bar(g) [360 psi(g)]

3)NG36 | NG Series

Oil Injected Bare Shaft Screw Compressor, is the most powerful size in our NG Series.
Flow Range: 45 – 90 m3/min [1575 – 3200 cfm]
Power Range: 400 – 900 kW [550 -1200 hp]
Discharge Pressure: 13 bar(g) [190 psi(g)]

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