GRAF Synergy, how the PVC becomes the superior choice

The innovation technology is changing the way how we think, design and produce our fixtures.
Today the final user looks at the aesthetics, at the multiple solutions that the market offers, at the insulating performance of the frame, while the windows and doors producers must be able to
work with the new combinations of shapes and materials required by the market in a reliable, fast and efficient way. Those who do not meet these clear needs are destined to move further and further to the margins of the value chain of the window and door industry.

GRAF Synergy has chosen to take the path of PVC because believes in the properties of the versatile material: the mission that the company has given to itself is to build machines for the production of PVC windows able to bring this technology where no one has yet arrived, to develop to its full potential and make the PVC the best choice both for the end user and for those who work with it.

On the other hand, the history of GRAF Synergy speaks clearly: it is present for over 40 years in the automation sector at pioneering levels during which an incredible know-how in the design, construction and automation of production machinery has been acquired.

It is precisely the field experience, experimentation and innovation technology that allowed to GRAF Synergy to realise in 2012 a milestone in the evolution of PVC fixtures, the SL4-FF EVO the first welding machine “without cleaning” in the world. This revolutionary technology made possible to obtain windows with an unprecedented aesthetic effect enabling window manufacturers to produce new types of windows with material combinations previously considered impossible to achieve at an acceptable cost, and without the need for cleaning or finishing work.

In a few years the GRAF Synergy solutions turned out to be a real “disruptive innovation”, a new standard sector that has made the company the reference player in the PVC world. The result is a quality that has nothing to envy to wood or aluminum. It’s no more necessary to choose between aesthetic quality and technical performances: with GRAF Synergy you can have both.

Two numbers give a good idea of what it is today GRAF Synergy: over 300 CNC machines delivered every year; 75.000 the PVC elements welded every day with the V-Perfect® technology.
We are therefore talking about a solid and extremely structured reality, present in over 60 countries with machines ever more innovative as the working and cutting centres with very high productivity, automatic gauge fixing unit with anthropomorphic robot and other important technological solutions born within a research and development laboratory of excellence, accredited by the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

In addition, GRAF Synergy can count on the strength of the multi-business industrial Group of which it is part, with whom it shares an innovative and future-oriented spirit. It is GRAF Industries Group, founded in Nonantola, in the province of Modena, 30 years ago now, which today has over 300 employees spread across several locations between Nonantola, San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO) in Italy, an office in Canada and one in Uzbekistan. The Group is composed of six Business Unit, each one dedicated to a specific sector: in addition to machinery and technologies for the production of PVC windows and doors, we find civil/industrial electrical systems, automation, electronics, R&D, manufacturing for CNG, LNG and hydrogen, CNC machines, renewable energy, IT infrastructure, and software design and development.

It is no coincidence if GRAF Synergy developed within a ‘reservoir’ of skills like this, in a land known worldwide for its industrial realities, the specialist capabilities and the excellencies what is Emilia- Romagna.

Ingenuity, passion and reliability brought the company to be the preferred technology provider for window and door manufacturers who want to make innovation their winning weapon.
And so, finally, the reason for its name is revealed, “Synergy”. The synergy is at the base of customers relationship: listen, cooperate, solve, grow, ensuring entrepreneurs the most advanced tools and skills to make the most of technology. In synergy.

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