Bonfiglioli Consulting: Italian Pioneers of Lean Culture

Bonfiglioli Consulting, established in 1973, is an Italian business consulting firm renowned for introducing and adapting the Japanese philosophy of lean management to the European context. Recognized as a pioneer in consulting in Europe, it stands as one of the few Italian firms with a improve, addressing industry-defining challenges.

Leaders from various countries rely on Bonfiglioli Consulting | Octagona to tackle critical issues spanning strategy, organization, operations, sales, digital transformation and sustainability. The services offered cater to all levels of organizations, whether advising top management or coaching front-line employees working closely to implement recommendations, develop workforce skills, drive operational improvements and applying innovative methodologies for long-term success. Recognizing evolving client needs, Bonfiglioli Consulting | Octagona constantly seeks new ways to serve them, cultivating capabilities in design, analytics and digital technologies.

As a trusted partner, Bonfiglioli Consulting | Octagona collaborates with ambitious clients aspiring to shape the future and become industry leaders.

Leveraging over 50 years of experience, Bonfiglioli Consulting | Octagona experts offer support in:
•International Business: Site selection, regulatory & legal advice, incentive negotiation, business services support, workforce & HR, temporary management.
•Value Generation: New Product Introduction, sales excellence, innovation, product management.
•Operational Excellence: Manufacturing, maintenance, quality, industrialization, sustainability.
•Supply Chain Management: Reshoring, sourcing & procurement, logistics, planning & scheduling.
•Digital Transformation: Strategy, data analysis, digital blue print.
•Organizational Change: Change management, people development, strategy.
•Training: Lean Six Sigma certifications, lean manufacturing certifications, digital transformation certifications.

The Bonfiglioli Coonsulting | Octagona Team is dedicated to excellence, innovation and client success. A trusted and forward- thinking consulting partner to serve clients worldwide and to deliver unwavering commitment to their growth and achievements.