WORIK, maximum protection with the Protech line
Forty years of history and a mission: to create first layer functional work underwear selecting the best certified fabrics and making use of the most advanced technologies. Designed to last a long time, it accompanies millions of professionals every day in an infinite number of different contexts, supporting and protecting them.
At the service of professionals, the WORIK® brand offers the highest Made in Italy quality also in design, boasting strong expertise in the various properties that technical clothing must possess: breathability and thermoregulation, protection and durability, comfort and fit, functionality and versatility.

The Protech line, realized in the production center in Italy, responds to the need for safety and protection from specific risks, such as electrostatic discharges and sparks, heat and flames, in compliance with the most recent safety standards EN ISO 11612:2008 and EN 1149- 5:2008.

The fabrics of the Vulture pants and the sweaters Mayo, long-sleeved and turtleneck, or Mauna, short-sleeved and crew-neck, are made with yarns capable of guaranteeing excellent performance in terms of absorption and dispersion of sweat, with the advantage of keeping the skin always dry and at the ideal temperature. Furthermore, the 48.5% of Merino wool used prevents the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms, which cause bad odors for excellent skinwear with an anti-stress function.

The Anti Flame Pro sock is recommended in ATEX environments thanks to the intrinsically flame retardant PROTAL1® fiber, both in the half-cut version and in the knee-high version. The fabric ensures total foot protection against thermal risks caused by accidental contact with open flames and exposure to convective and radiant heat sources. The antistatic yarn, uniformly distributed throughout the sock, ensures effective dissipation of electrostatic charges. The breathable and antibacterial knitted fabric, tested to comply with current standards, ensures complete protection from electrostatic charges, with reinforced toes and heels.

The line also features a selection of functional accessories for different professional contexts, such as the Teide and Haal neck protectors, the Hekla balaclava. On worik.it all the products of the Italian brand, which have specific characteristics for the needs of craftsmen, civil and non-civil workers, firefighters, first aid volunteers, laboratory technicians, managers and many other professionals.