UFS is an Italian manufacturer specializing in threading tools and it has been in the market for over 75 years. UFS designs manufactures and markets a range of standard products such as Taps, Roll taps, Thread plug gauges, and Dies.There are more than 8000 products listed on the Technical Catalog. You can request a copy of the catalog by writing to customerservice@ufs.it in addition to many “special” taps with tolerances or to custom design and private label products for specialized retail chains.Over the years, UFS has tailored its resources to market needs with technical, production, and organizational transformations. These transformations have enabled constant development.
Production expansions, new research departments, and the use of state-of-the-art computerized systems for order management and quality certifications have consolidated the internal resource organization thereby, allowing excellent productivity and complete control of the entire process. The well-organized logistics ensure standard tool deliveries across Europe within 24-48 hours. A variety of automated warehouses, divided by raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, together with well-organized logistics, ensure standard tool deliveries across Europe within 24/48 hours upon order confirmation. The operational department of UFS has three production sites, producing more than 500,000 tools per year. The technical department is at the top of production and designing tools with valuable input from the R&D department, which assists with testing and verification at every stage of manufacturing.

Site 1 has 50 production units and washing, polishing, drilling, marking, painting, and labeling systems are also present. The metrology lab B is of considerable importance because it carries out the final inspection of the “blank” tool by verifying the geometries at the projector and the regularity of the thread by means of plug gauges. Then there are strategic offices at UFS.

Site 2 is a research center for tool geometry improvements and a development hub for PVD coatings. At the heart of this site, lies the metrology lab C, with an adjoining testing room for verifying tool functionality and tool life. Business development in the mountain areas has imposed some limitations. Therefore, UFS has expanded into nearby areas. This results in profound changes in the production organization, with the rationalization of technological processes, especially heat treatments.

As a consequence was created the Site 3 that has been operating since 2020. There are the production departments of the turning shop, the hardening and tempering department of the rough tools, and the metrology lab A used for all the analyses for checking incoming material. This is done with careful verification of the metallographic characteristics with the analysis of the bars of the conventional special steels and of the powders synthesized with the use of a mass spectrometer, and of the tempered one.