F.B. spa: 63 years of dedication and success, with a forward-looking approach
The history of F.B. spa began in 1960, thanks to the brilliant entrepreneurial initiative of the Balboni Brothers: four young men from the province of Ferrara who, through dedication and commitment, made possible the transformation of the Company, from a small family business in the countryside, into a company with more than 60 employees, active in the international market.
Even today F.B. spa is entirely owned by the Balboni Family. As a matter of fact, the members of the Second Generation, since the Nineties, have been holding leading roles in the management of the Company. F.B. spa, a competent and reliable partner, addresses OEM and EPC in the oil & gas, petrochemical, energy, water treatment and biogas sectors, supporting them with detailed engineering and construction services.
The Company’s main strengths are a comprehensive offer and a flexible approach to projects. By placing the Customer at the center and accompanying him throughout the entire production process, F.B. spa offers valuable solutions to meet the most complex technical and operational requirements of efficiency and reliability.
Offices and Workshop are located on a surface of 26,000 square meters, in Alberone di Cento (FE). In a central area of Emilia-Romagna Region, the Company is easily accessible from the main airports, railway stations and ports.

F.B. spa mainly deals with five product lines:

1) assembly of centrifugal, reciprocating, screw and liquid ring compressor skids;
2) assembly of auxiliary units: cooling and lubrication units, seal panels, gas treatment and filtration skids;
3) prefabrication and assembly of pipes;
4) construction of pressure vessels;
5) assembly of medium and heavy metal structures.

After over 60 years of success, the new generations continue on the path of the Founders, with the desire to project themselves in a future that wants F.B. spa increasingly protagonist. The orientation towards the search for new solutions and an increasingly qualified team are elements that determine the continuous presence of F.B. spa in the reference markets, albeit in a constantly evolving geopolitical scenario. The heritage of F.B. spa is therefore the human capital that is valued, focusing on a sense of belonging and cohesion, providing adequate training and investing to make the work environment a place of constructive growth.
The entrepreneurial initiative, with an eye always turned to the future, and the dedication of the Balboni Family, are what since its foundation have characterized the Company, which is now paving the way for the transition to the Third Generation.

We look to the future with positivity, striving to always offer the best in terms of quality and service.