Since 1937, a jump in the future

Sara has continued to improve the innovative and original Roberto Colombo’s technological discovers, adding an ex perience known and appreciated all over the world.
For this reason, Sara’s extruders have obvious advantages compared to any other foam extrusion system.

Extrusion technology : from Colombo technology to SARA technology in the name of innovation.
The first commercial development of a co-rotating twin screw extruder, in 1937, was by Roberto Colombo and Lavorazione Materie Plastiche (LMP) of located in Turin, Italy.
The principles & technologies of Roberto Colombo are taught in polymer science & engineering courses throughout the world.
The principles of slow turning, low shear, co-rotating intermeshing twin screw ex truders is the best way to handle the production of foams and many other shear and temperature sensitive materials .
Only SARA srl can really say that it has continued and evolved these innovative discoveries!


The twin screw ex truders manufactured by S ARA srl presents many advantages in comparison with other extrusion systems, i.e. single screw or counter-rotating twin screw ex truders, owing to
their special construction features . Definitely, due to the geometry of its screws, a co-rotating twin screw ex truder can give the best mix of fed ingredients with a low energy consumption. A real advantage for your work and your business Moreover:

•The screw can be fed by an independent mechanism so that the screw speed setting does not affect Output
•Shear rate is very slow
•Positive conveying of the melt eliminates surging and helps better dimensional control of the ex trudate.
•Mix ing is also positive and accomplished without overheating the material.
•Better dispersion and homogenizing
•Self-cleaning is fast and complete and accomplished without overheating the material.
•Lower HP required per rated output, resulting in less stress on the machine.
•Energy saving, as the actual energy consumption is very close to the theoretical value needed.


For these characteristics, the twin screw ex truders show to be the best system of mix ing materials of various nature where an excellent mixing is a must, but preventing the components from a too high mechanical stress, thus keeping, in general, a low temperature inside the extruder cylinder, this avoid modification or degradation of polymers and additives which will certainly jeopardize the quality of the end product. The advantage of using S ARA srl extruders to produce foams can be resumed in reduced capital investment, low energy consumption, easier maintenance,
versatility of production.

-Low RPM design Screw oil cooled High torque gearbox
-Barrel nitride steel construction
-Low energy consumption design
-Output range: 5-1000 K g/h

In 2019 SARA srl has been declared compliant with the requirements of: UNI EN IS O 9001:2015 S ARA srl designes designs and manufactures co-rotating twin screw ex truders and complete
lines for ex trusion of foam profiles, foam pipes, foam sheets and foam boards .
SARA srl has jumped into the future thanks to its experience around the world, technical innovation and Customers care.
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