Progetti Speciali Italiani Srl, an Italian leader for the New Space paradigm

Progetti Speciali Italiani Srl (PS I) S I operates in the field of Aerospace, Defence, Homeland Security and Energy apparently very different technological areas where but PSI afford in a new coherent approach. In fact, the company was set up in 2006 with the conviction that the profound change in the aerospace sector in Italy also required a change in its industrial structure and the technological approach where technologies can cross different products and sectors.

This gave rise to the idea of implementing an industrial model now in vogue in geographical area with greater technological vocation (USA , England), where innovative SMEs are the central location for product innovation, and to which institutional clients turn directly for the development and acquisition of innovative products that are obviously compatible with the size of the companies themselves .
Large companies remain the preferred actors for large programmes or complex systemic implementations, but PS I proposes to implement this industrial model based on agile and low- cost approach both in the space sector and leading-edge cross- disciplinary technologies activities in the field pf Aerospace and Defence.

At the moment PSI’s activities have mainly focused on the development of nano- and micro -satellites and enabling technologies in the field of telecommunications between drones and satellites .
At the national level, its main customers are the Italian Ministry of Defence and the Italian Space Agency, while its foreign customers are the European Space Agency and number of important governmental entities in the Persian Gulf, Eastern Europe and South America.

“All of these may seem arduous for a 100% Italian group that employs around 200 people and has a turnover of around 20 million euros – ex plains Armando Orlandi, president of PSI – but the secret lies in the organisation, which is based on three levels of expertise and activity. The first is in-house and is dedicated, as the company ’s name suggests, to the development of new, highly innovative (special) products . The second is formed by the all-Italian partner companies that are structurally linked to PSI itself and are made up of excellent SME s already operating in their specialised sectors (structures, electronics, IT ).

The third is based on companies and research bodies and universities with which stable partnerships have been formed and which represent the enlarged and complementary base of our