New Clamp Clips: More hold, More stability, More safety

The OBO Bettermann range of cable and pipe clamp clips has been thoroughly redesigned, reworked and optimized, in terms of performance and ease of installation.
With over a century of ex perience in the field of clamp systems and continuous dialogue with industry professionals, OBO Bettermann is able to offer state-of-the-art products and solutions even for the most challenging installation conditions .
Advantages of the new OB O clamps clips:
•Extremely easy to use
•Quick assembly : saves time and labour costs
•Increased safety due to improved grip and stability
•Available in a variety of finishes in different materials
•Wide range of anchoring shapes
•Tested for maintenance of electrical function classes E30 to E90 according to DIN 4102 – 12 European Standards
(Fire resistance of electric cable systems required to maintain circuit integrity)

Attention to the very last detail OBO Bettermann clamp clips are suitable for any kind of installation, weather and place condition, thanks to the variety of available finishes . They are available in
aluminium (ALMG3), steel with a hot-dip galvanised surface and stainless steel (both A2 and A4).

The renewed clamp clips stand out not only for the variety of materials, but also for a further optimization: a tightening torque of 2Nm for aluminum, 3-5Nm for hot-dip galvanized steel, and A2/A4 Inox stainless steel and an increased clamping range of 8-100mm.

An extensive product range optimized for easy installation Screws :
•Hexagonal head screw (SW 10) suitable for M6/M8 screws
•Continuous thread engagement
•Hot-dip galvanized steel screw with class 8.8

Screw pressure through:
•Increased thickness for improved hold
•Available in P VC or metal
•Features rounded edges for enhanced cable protection
Cab e clip body :
•Reinforcement at the top for easier assembly
•More stable screw tightening due to the thermoforming process that allows for uniform loading
•Different types of anchoring shapes
•Improved handle recess for a better grip during installation T he right product for any installation condition

OBO Bettermann offers a wide range of sizes and variations with its renwed clamp clip portfolio.
There are six different anchoring shapes suitable for vertical and horizontal installation for both indoors or outdoors .
•N base anchoring: for C -profile rails with a slot width of 11-12 mm
•H base anchoring: for C -profile rails with slot width of 16-17 mm
•U base anchoring: for C -profile rails with slot width of 18-22 mm
•W base anchoring: for angle profile rails up to < 40 mm
•F base anchoring: for flat profile rails with thickness of 4-12 mm
•RS base anchoring: for circular profile rails with a diameter up to 22 mm

Available for purchase in Italy from
www.obo .it