Precision Laser Pointers: Quality, Effectiveness, Reliability

Products of the highest precision and great reliability, certified by the numbers .
These are the laser pointers made by LA S ERTECH, the company founded in a background that has been producing precision mechanics for thirty years.

The high quality of the components used to make the lasers, supplied by the workshops of the A gnolin&Brusadin company, which has been in the industry since 1986, and the important and
well-established know-how of the company ’s employees, has resulted in an innovative tool that conquers all branches of industry:
are high-performance industrial lasers, which stand out for their remarkable energy efficiency and absolute reliability even under the most difficult working conditions .
The target audience is machine manufacturers, dealers, and end users: in the high-tech sector and in a variety of fields such as military, medical, scientific, robotic, industrial automation and aerospace, woodworking, marble, glass, packaging, and automotive.

The many requests made by our customers and the customizations we offer have made our products no longer standard but designed for every need.
Our customers now consider us not just a supplier but a partner who listens to their needs and provides them with all the attention and expertise needed to realize their projects .
Lasertech serves its customers directly or through distributors in Europe, Africa, America and Australia and has efficient aftersales service.