LA.SPE. Srl: towards a low environmental impact construction site

LA SPE was founded in 2003 with the sole purpose of operating in the NO-DIG technology industry.
Through the years, relying on technical personnel and skilled workers the company has proceeded to equip itself with advanced tools in order to operate with reliability and professionalism in this field.
The essential aim of LA SPE is to assist companies which have pre-existing NO-DIG projects, so that the aforementioned can be carried out without interfering with the remaining elements or causing delays on the main subcontracted order.

Various projects have been finalized with great results in Italy, collaborating with renowned companies, both national and international ones .
LA SPE is specialized in Trenchless Technology suitable for the installation of new pipelines, which allows underground crossings of road tunnels, railways, airports, waterways and environmentally protected areas with the use of different materials, such as steel, vibrated reinforced concrete and GRP; implementing innovative technologies like Pipe
Ramming and/or with the use of the traditional ones as Pipe Jacking, Auger Boring Method, Horizontal Directional Drilling and Jacked Box Tunnelling.

In addition, LA SPE also performs existing pipe rehabilitation with or without the employment of the existing pipe system.
In this case, the laying of new pipes can occur with the use of materials such as steel, cast iron or polyethylene.
In this ever-changing scenario, it is undeniable that trenchless technology, no matter which method is chosen, is able to grant multiple advantages while minimising the impact on the environment, making it the greener solution.
The use of trenchless technology in piping projects can help save costs, lessen project time and minimise surface disruptions at the same time.
Trenchless methods have been used for the last 50 years, but these days, with advancements in technology for excavation and guidance systems, trenchless methods are becoming more commonly used around the world.
LA SPE is also sponsoring and promoting seminars and conferences, together with other specialized companies to ensure that these technologies are widespread and applied by planners, government agencies, individuals and businesses .

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