TecnAli-mentaria –Washing &Sanitisation Systems

Sanitising rooms, production lines and equipment in the food industry should now be recognised as an integral part of a company ’s entire production process .
In between shifts, it is essential that all surfaces involved in the production process are cleaned and sanitised.
Being competitive in one’s market by innovating, automating and rationalising production is very important, but it is equally necessary to be attentive to the costs and results of sanitisation, which is an indispensable process for quality production.

In order to properly sanitise all surfaces in reasonable time and cost, companies are equipping themselves with medium-pressure systems that properly remove contamination without producing
aerosols, which are harmful due to the microbiotic fallout they may cause. To wash and sanitise equipment (such as crates, trolleys, pallets, moulds, knives, bins, crates, trays, etc .) Inox Meccanica designs automatic washing machines that reduce the time needed for washing, standardise the results (which no longer depend on the human factor) and consequently reduce costs .

Inox Meccanica has been designing and manufacturing automatic washing machines for the food and pharmaceutical industries for nearly 40 years .
We produce industrial washing machines designed and engineered with the greatest possible care to energy savings and water wastage without penalising washing and sanitising results .
Our washing systems represent a totally transversal product, customized to the nth degree to customer requirements . In fact, our washing machines are used in different sectors such as meat,
pet-food, fish, poultry as well as confectionery and pasta.

Our machines can be cabin-type (with one or two doors) to wash different or large equipment, or tunnel-type when the washing involves large numbers of similar equipment that are transported
by a belt or a catenary within the tunnel itself.
We firmly believe that, in order to improve process and washing machine technologies and at the same time meet the needs and requirements of the food market, there is a need for resources,
technical capabilities, specialised knowledge and, above all, the ability to carefully assess the practical problems of our potential customers .
We have therefore promoted the creation of an internal work team whose aim is the constant and progressive improvement of washing solutions and processes in line with the growing need for
perfectly sanitized equipment, reducing the resources used (such as water, energy and chemicals) and safeguarding the environment and operator safety. 

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