ICI Caldaie

The Strength of ICI Caldaie

Specialists in excellent solutions ICI Caldaie is a company with more than 60 years of history and experience in energy management and heat production, a point of reference among the players operating in the business of steam boilers , and profes sional high- capacity hot water boilers for heating and district heating.
The number of markets served by ICI Caldaie is very large, and the most popular ones go from the food & beverage industries to pharma and chemical, passing through hospitals , district heating and waste heat recovery for cogeneration or boiler room revamping.

What makes ICI Caldaie different is its expertise in all that concerns heat transfer but also in the capacity to select the right partners , that are the ones that guarantee the nearness to the customer and its need, also in far regions of the world.
The spirit of innovation that distinguishes ICI CALDAIE , leads it to invest in R&D projects that aim at the creation of new systems to supply heat, with a low environmental footprint, exploring
new technologies and alternative energy sources . Among the latter, large resources are investing in the research for discontinuous solutions (hydrogen and CO2 sequestration), and for solutions in continuity with the company ’s core business but very innovative (such as ECOVAPOR , the newest steam generation system, www. ecovapor.icicaldaie.com, and NEOX , the latest range of burners https ://www.icicaldaie.com/en/ catalog/FA M_Neox ).

The presence of ICI CALDAIE , with direct offices, representative offices, and historical official distributors in all five continents, allow it to be close to customers who choose its solutions and to accompany them with competence in the design, sizing or revamping of their plants .
ICI Caldaie boilers are appreciated around the world because they have proved:
-an efficiency near to 100%, also for steam boilers, thanks to the use of technologies for flue gas condensation, coming from the know-how in the commercial business, with a consequent saving
in the annual fuel consumption by up to 22%; -saving in the annual power consumption by up to 90%, thanks to the in-house design of integrated systems, and to the expertise in revamping of existing plants;
-NOx emissions < 9 ppm thanks to various R&D projects and collaboration with international partners;
-possibility of operating automatically and safely without the need for supervision;
-ease of use and adjustment;
-possibility of being remotely supervised in order to make easier the technical assistance, limiting the need for intervention by technicians on site.

The customer ’s feedback on ICI Caldaie “ICI Caldaie has been a winning choice since it is a y oung and dynamic company, characterized by remarkable technical know-how in industrial field, great production capacity, customer assistance during design stage and total flexibility as regards production of out-of-standard boilers, fully customized upon customer’s requirements .”

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