HVAC industrial solutions by Hitema® International: more than 30 years driven by Innovation

O ver the Years, HITEMA® INTERNATIONAL has studied and developed new solutions for the design of new innovative Chillers that use the latest generation technologies, as well as developed
the Test and production of new Series with Danfoss Turbocor® compressors .

Chillers stands out the market thanks to the following features:
-Wide range of cooling capacities;
-Possibility to match low GWP Refrigerant with INVERTER compressors technology and Optimized Freecooling design;
-Strong and durable Chiller mainframe, available from -40°C to +50°C ambient temperature (include marine and desert climate);
-Wide range of S elections according to various types of models;
-Wide operating ranges, thanks to the Customization that HITEMA® offers, with possibility to include inbuilt hydraulic module (pumps and tank) or separate hydraulic modules (to supply more than one Chiller together). Danfoss Turbocor® compressors use advanced technologies to deliver solutions with high efficiency and low sound levels in a small footprint. These compressors are an attractive solution as they have significant advantages:
-Reduced need for maintenance:
-Elimination of the oil inside the circuit;
-Magnetic bearings which, by not generating friction, lead to less wear of the components;
-Integrated soft-starter which reduces starting currents .
-Fast restart:
-Following a sudden power outage, Turbocor® compressors react promptly ensuring a restart in less than 30 seconds .
-Electronic controls on board:
-Pressure and temperature sent to the controller, ensuring compressor operation is within limits.
Over the years, HITEMA® INTERNATIONAL has developed and design 3 new Chillers Series with Danfoss Turbocor® compressors, TFV /TF F Aircooled Series and one TF W Watercooled Series .
TFV SERIES are Aircooled liquid chillers (TFVF with integrated Freecooling). These Chillers are designed for applications that require reliability, continuity of operation, the best performance and very low management costs, ideal for Data Center application. All the models are equipped with flooded evaporator or Hybrid film evaporator. Flooded evaporator ensures the best performances for the low approach point in the evaporating temperature. On request all the models can be equipped with water pump suitable to work with water-glycol mix ture and storage tank to ensure precise control of temperature even in the presence of highly variable thermal loads from the process .

With the wide range of cooling capacity up to 1400 kW, for the Aircooled models, and 3200 kW, for the Watercooled models (TFW ), it is possible to satisfy all customer demands . The refrigerants used are R134A , or LOW GW P R513A (in A1 class) and ECO-FRIENDLY R1234ze (in A2L class). All the Chillers of these series are provided with single or multiple oil free Turbocor® compressor that ensure the highest efficiency especially at partial load.

All the units are tested at the HITEMA® INTERNATIONAL production site before the shipment to ensure to the Customers the best performances . Customers that can attend the test by remote or directly in presence at our test department.

Below the series of advantages that our Turbocor® C hillers can offer:
•EC type fans to reduce power consumption and noise;
•Eco-Friendly refrigerant R1234ze (GW P= 3) available;
•‘V ’type condenser coils with EC 800 diameter fans to meet ERP2021 directive;
•Advanced compact design;
•Possibility to combine the chiller with a customized Hydromodule (tank + pump);
•Optimized flooded evaporator with low approach point in the evaporating temperature;
•Better performance in Freecooling mode with increased value of ambient temperature for 100% Freecooling operation;
•Our Series of Chillers are able to meet all Customer requests from 240 kW up to 3200 kW, with standard 2 or up to 3 refrigerant circuits .

Our Technical Department is at your complete disposal for any further clarification, to develop together your customized projects .

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