FOMAS Group for the Oil & Gas sector

FOMAS Group is an established global partner for Oil & G as applications, with dedicated engineering and production of open die forgings, seamless rolled rings and metal powders with the highest levels of quality and delivery service.
The applications we serve are for offshore, Subsea & Onshore.
Our purpose is to enable sustainable energy, reliable power and limitless motion by moving the needle in mastering the science of metals with a responsible approach. The Group’s Mission is to play to win with innovation, responsiveness and a passionate commitment to long-term partnerships .

Our vision for the future is to be a multicultural, people-centric organization leading our core businesses by leveraging cutting- edge competencies in the science of metals and embracing the digital transformation. Our core values of proactivity, integrity, meritocracy, accountability, reliability, transparency & trust are ingrained in every thing we do. Our decades of experience in the manufacturing of industrial components have made us an essential partner to our clients: our network of eight production sites, strategically located across the globe (from America to Asia) with 1400 people, allows the delivery of high integrity components to all our customers’ worldwide locations with excellent lead times . We share expertise within the FOMAS Group, optimizing processes and materials, minimizing cost, and maximizing product quality.

FOMAS Group capabilities allow supplying forgings in different delivery conditions from raw/ heat-treated to rough machined, from pre-cladded/cladded to coated depending from the level of
vertical integration required by the Customer. This business model allows to optimize the overall supply chain, providing an exclusive point of contact and assures the shortest possible response time to market requirements .

All the required machining processes such as milling, lathe machining, drilling, sawing and others are carried within our manufacturing units or by our certified partners .
MIMETE , part of FOMAS Group, produces gas atomised metal powders in Iron, Nickel and Cobalt base alloys thanks to a tailor made VIGA plant. Its powders are available for additive (PBF, DED, and Binder Jetting) and HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) applications .
Mimete provides specific metal powders for the manufacturing of components for the oil & gas sector. This supply has enabled Mimete’s customer to additively manufacture a series of components for the oil & gas sector in Duplex 22CR (MARS F51). The geometry of the component, at 550 mm diameter and 90 kg in weight, was quite complex , nonetheless the final result was very satisfying, as it passed the fatigue test and is undergoing DNV certification.

All FOMAS Group production facilities are coordinated by a single sales department. Such arrangement means having a single sales interface capable of channeling production to the most suitable location, reflecting the specificity of the request received.
Our supply chain is able to offer a customized demand management service in order to fulfil the highest standards of just in time delivery (JIT). Supply to forecasts are managed in the most efficient way reducing costly stocks but also optimizing communication with the customer through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) which also contributes to the environment by working 100% paperless. The latest investments in technologies done by the Group, aim to shorten the customer’s supply chain. With this approach, the Group is committed to add to its components, increasingly important benefit in terms of cost efficiency and sustainability.

FOMAS Group, since its foundation, has always included in its business model, various topics which today find their setting within some of the UN17 Sustainable Development Goals . A few ex amples are production efficiency, with the adoption of energy management best practices and certified energy management systems, as best practice sharing between the sites .
Another case in point is the continuous improvement of environmental, safety and health conditions in our sites worldwide, as specific programs in support to our local communities .
The priorities that FOMAS Group first identified, and upon which we have been achieving marked progress, continue to drive our operations and will remain instrumental as the new FOMAS
Group sustainability path is defined. Currently we are defining our ESG strategy, which will be shared with all our stakeholders by the end of the year. We are confident that by working side by side with all our stakeholders we will achieve our business goals while safeguarding people and the planet to the utmost of our abilities .