FIRBIMATIC SPA, characteristics and advantages of industrial washing systems for metals
FIRBIMATIC was founded in 1971 as a company specialized in the design and production of machines for the industrial washing of textiles .
In the period between the 70s and 90s, the company became the market leader in solvent- based washing machines for fabrics: companies such as Benetton, Armani and Prada chose
FIRBIMATIC systems to wash fabrics before starting to work on them.

How and when the Metal Cleaning division was born
The Metal Cleaning division was born at the beginning of the year 2000.
Any industrial production that involves the use of metals or other materials needs to treat and clean each component in a targeted way and with a specific procedure before introducing it into the production process . FIRBIMATIC immediately understood this need and, thanks to its strong focus on Research and Development, has achieved increasingly important goals from a technological point of view over the years .

All the metal washing machines produced today stand out for their high construction quality, energy savings and reduced environmental impact.
The cleaning results are guaranteed on any type of material and shape and, above all, level of geometric complexity even where there are blind holes that are difficult to access.

All the ad vantages of solvent washing technology
FIRBIMATIC produces two types of machinery for metal washing: with water and detergent and with hermetic circuit solvent.
The spearhead of the company ’s offer is represented by the second type of washing systems: let’s analyze its main characteristics together.

Why choose a hermetic circuit solvent washing system
FIRBIMATIC solvent-based metal washing machines are used in numerous sectors, from aerospace to medical and electronic : the removal of all types of pollutants (oil, grease, various processing residues and much more) is total.
Solvent-based washing systems exploit an industrial washing process with hermetic circuit and use aliphatic hydrocarbons, modified alcohol or chlorinated solvents in total safety. In practice, all phases of the cleaning cycle (washing, drying and deodorisation) take place completely under vacuum in order to guarantee max imum safety and the total absence of harmful emissions for the operators who use the machine.
These systems do not produce emissions in significant quantities, therefore they have a low environmental impact and guarantee long-lasting and constant washing and drying results .

Optimization of costs and times of the washing cycle
The innovative management system allows for a considerable eduction in ordinary maintenance interventions, as well as lower consumption of washing liquids and the times associated with each
cleaning cycle. In addition to a clear improvement in consumption and energy costs, FIRBIMATIC systems allow for an improvement in the quality of the working environment by offering greater protection to operators .

The unstoppable success of FIRBIMATIC
Today, for the quantity of machines produced, FIRBIMATIC SPA is one of the major European manufacturers of industrial washing systems used in numerous manufacturing sectors .
After the consecration that took place in 2012 with the construction of the washing plant for the galvanic of the components applied in the acceleration tunnel of atomic sub-particles (LHC) of CERN in Geneva, the sale of plants for NA S A , General Electric, AL and many more.