Crosspolimeri SpA on compound market for over 35 years

Crosspolimeri was created as a share company in 1985 by Giorgio Tittarelli, whose family has worked in the rubber and plastic materials business for over 50 years .
Currently Crosspolimeri, with ISO certification, produces thermoplastic and/or crosslinkable compounds in granular form for use especially in electrical cables and tubes and technical products for the car, aeronautics and railway sectors.

The brands which best mirror the activities of Crosspolimeri include: FRAGOM, flame retardant halogen free compounds; FRABUR , HFFR filler; POLIGOM, crosslinkable EPDM for cables and profiles; GETILAN, crosslinkable PE compounds, S ioplas system for cables and tubes; CROS SV INIL , modified P VC with polyurethane and polyester.

Recently Crosspolimeri has also expanded the knowledge and the production of compounds brand EFRHATAN acquiring the control of Eurocompound Srl, a company of proven ex pertise in the field. By achieving economic stability, Eurocompound is now in a position to increase its development capacity and achieve innovative results .
Crosspolimeri pays special attention to research and development and recently, with an important European partner, has perfected innovative compounds for the car cable industry.

The setting up of polymeric compounds to elevated performances push Crosspolimeri to favour an approach to “ Taylor made” markets fit to satisfy specific demands as, for instance, white smokes, cables mine, cables crane, chain & drug.

Crosspolimeri, acting in Italy as Spa and in Switzerland as Ag, continues to keep a niche in a market in which global competition necessitates a big commitment and constant investments in research, innovation and technical assistance, factors which for Crosspolimeri have over the years been successfulcommercially and in relations with clients.