Our made in Italy gliders: we present the SLUB line specific for laying optical fiber with blowing machine technique

When a specific process such as laying fiber optic cables must be carried out, very often there is a tendency to have a problem with the friction that is caused by the same.
Let’s find out now how to proceed in order to obtain a result that can be defined as satisfactory and totally devoid of any potential inaccuracy.

Frictions and how to solve them

Friction must necessarily be resolved with extreme care, so that the cable can be laid perfectly ; therefore, making sure that the final result can be defined as perfect from every point of view.
Often, in fact, this situation tends to make a process much less pleasant than expected; therefore, one could have great difficulties in being able to achieve the result one would like to achieve.
It will therefore be very important to carefully evaluate how to proceed in order to actually succeed in improving this kind of aspect and in this case the best choice is to use slip products .
These, especially if you use machines that allow you to easily push the same type of cable, thus making the aforementioned operation much less complicated.

Therefore, thanks to this kind of feature, it will be possible to avoid many problems that could be any thing but pleasant to deal with, a fundamental detail that must be kept in mind and which will therefore allow to achieve a pleasant result under every point of view. sight and without even a small mistake.


SLub 100XL meets all the needs for installation and laying of optical fiber micro-cables and mini-cables with the compressed air technique (blowing machine), avoiding having to deal with problems that could be any thing but pleasant to deal with in the long or short term.
It will therefore be necessary to always keep the diameter of the pipe under control, given that this type of product is perfect if a type of duct with an internal diameter between 4 and 15 millimeters is to be used. The basis of this slippery product is water and this allows us to offer the total absence of friction which can make the processing phase much less simple than expected.

Also in this case, reference must be made to a product that succeeds in guaranteeing maximum precision as regards the laying phase of an optical fiber cable with the blowing machine technique.
As with the previous product, this type of solution actually manages to guarantee maximum precision and above all offers the opportunity to make the process itself pleasant, thus avoiding any potential complications that could make the situation much less simple than expected.
Also in this case we are faced with an ex tremely slippery water- based product indicated for the pre-lubrication of the pipe or for the lubrication of the fiber during manual or automatic laying.
SLUB20 is recommended when the internal diameter of the installation pipe is between 20 and 50 mm.

We recommend the special lubricant SLUB 10 for the installation and laying of fiber optic micro- and mini-cables using the compressed air technique (blowing machine).
It is a slightly viscous water-based liquid product that is ex tremely slippery. It does not produce the glue effect but a veil of slip on the surfaces adhering perfectly to the walls of the pipe and to the cable.

The Crima company is at your disposal for any clarification on our cable lubricants, do not hesitate to contact us .

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