Carbonveneta: we manufacture carbon fiber pultruded profiles

Generally, the properties of carbon fiber products such as lightness and very high tensile strength are well known at present, thanks to the increasing market demand costs have also fallen drastically. The carbon fiber applications are constantly increasing, as a standard material in domestic and industrial applications, structural, aesthetic, performing. Consequently, all the important properties of carbon fiber must be highlighted.

Established initially for the production of carbon laminates for structural reinforcement at the moment well known throughout Europe, Carbonveneta has now entered newer segments of the market, such as industrial automation, wind energy, automotive industry, orthopedics, agriculture, sporting and leisure, design.

Seven pultrusion lines, five of which for unidirectional pulltrusion and a line for pullwinding ensure consistency, high production capacity and flexibility, wide products range. From the purchase of carbon in spools of yarn, to the finished product, whether in bars of various sizes for industrial applications or as custom-made parts, ready for use for a wide range of applications .
Our production is entirely carried out within our own factory and is divided into five product families:
1.Profiles for S tructural reinforcement (carbon laminate, carbon rods, anchors).
2 .Plates on the spare caps for wind energy
3 .Profiles with full section
4 .Open profiles – tubes
5 .Joints and accessories

We supply products with the following features:
•High performances

The Company that collaborates with its customers with competence and synergy, making the most of the properties of the composite, analyses the requests, the needs and proposes the best solutions to the customer.
The possibility of calculating and mixing various types of yarn, allows the manufacturing of pultruded profiles that have an Elastic Modulus between 140 GPa and 280 GPa and Tensile S trength> = 2.300 Mpa.

The tooling range is continuously growing and includes flat, round, square and customized sections, both for full and hollow profiles; the pultruded surfaces can be “smooth unidirectional”, “smooth pullwinding”, or “best grip”.

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