Innovation for EPP – EPS – ETPU Alessiohitech System design and construction

Alessiohitech is a company, based in in the province of Bergamo, with over thirty years of ex perience in the industrial sector.
Thanks to the constant investment in research and development, it has become a point of reference on the international market for the design and construction of E TPU — EPP — EPS systems and automated lines that speed up processes, optimize consumption and ensure solidity over time.

During the years the company managed to gain its share ofoperations, competing with much more structured realities in terms of size, relying on its flex ibility and responsiveness .
After the first patents, obtained starting from 2010, the participation in international projects for the development of new technologies in the sector has constantly kept growing.

Production and customized solutions
All Alessiohitech EPP, E TPU and EPS machineries are designed and manufactured in Medolago: here the production follows strict protocols that guarantee the use of quality components, solid
and durable structures, electrical systems and modern electronics .
In addition, the state-of-the-art software installed on each machine increases even more performance and, overall, quality.

The machines are varied and complex , tailor-made for each customer: at Alessiohitech the client will in fact find a precise and reliable interlocutor, able to provide the most suitable technology for
every specific need. This attention to the client is a key point of the company ’s approach to the market: the expertise of experienced designers meets the new ideas of young engineers and the challenges proposed by companies, listening to their ideas to design machinery that transform those thoughts into reality.

Allesiohitech offers also an after- sales service that ensures the implementation of new features and the necessary support over the years .
A strong ex perience in the field in every industrial sector

From automotive to packaging, construction and sporting goods, Alessiohitech has the perfect solution for all industrial sectors requiring high-performance machinery with high-speed, accuracy, reliability and low power consumption.

In recent years Alessiohitech has well positioned itself in a market where large and competitive companies operate. To date, it has collaborated with costumers all over the world in developing
cutting-edge solutions dedicated to the most diverse industrial sectors, including the automotive, construction, logistics and packaging.

Furthermore, it collaborates with research institutions and universities, both Italian and international. Research and Innovation
At Alessiohitech new challenges are overcome thanks to the knowledge of the latest technologies and their application in the development of state-of-the-art machinery.
The company name has become synonymous with innovation in the field of ex pansive materials .
Each year, it invests around 8% of our turnover in research and development, collaborating with research institutions, universities and multinationals . This has allowed it to always be one step ahead and to obtain innovative patents that confirm the commitment to the creation of high-performance solutions .
Continuous investments in R&D, highly qualified professional resources, production versatility, efficiency and reliability of the machines and customer orientation with highly customized solutions, are an absolute priority.

Crystallisation patent in 2010
Alessiohitech is the first reality to develop a single- and double- glazing crystallisation system that results in ex panded and crystallised products in a single production cycle. Crystallisation of EPP, EPS and E TPU renders the surface of each piece homogenous, keeping the central part soft, elastic, light and durable. The process gives each component a high aesthetic value, whilst improving resistance from a mechanical point of view, without the need to undergo secondary finishing processes .

This was followed in the following years by several other patents and certifications for cutting-edge solutions .

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