Industrial transformation with 5G at your fingertips

Industry 4.0 together with 5G will help to run factories more flexible, efficient and productive . 5G-ACIA is showcasing the power of the 5G mobile standard and its community of supporters at a new trade show in Indianapolis with numerous presentations and hands-on demonstrations .
There is currently no industry that is not undergoing a profound transformation process . Strong international competition, challenges relating to climate protection, or measures to counter demographic change–all these challenges have one thing in common: Digitalization can be of benefit to a large number of companies and to virtually every industry in meeting these challenges .

It is usually data, and lots of it, that forms the basis for drawing comparisons between productions, machines or locations, recognizing patterns of an impending failure or preparing information for managers in such a way that they can base their decisions on a better fundament.

The Italian German Exhibition Company, a joint subsidiary of the European-based Deutsche Messe AG and Italian Exhibition Group, has taken up these issues and is organizing a new industrial exhibition in Indianapolis, US A . Industrial Transformation USA will take place Oct. 10-12, 2023, at the Indiana Convention Center and will help industry in the United States with digital transformation.
Organizers and exhibitors will show how production processes can be made more efficient and sustainable.
One of the central topics will be the new mobile communications standard 5G, as the backbone of Industry 4.0 and IIoT.

In addition to the numerous exhibiting companies, the 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G – ACIA ) will also showcase its industrial ecosystem and present a bundle of services for the further development of industrial 5G .
“Industrial 5G technology is ready for ambitious use cases . We will show this to the interested professional audience here in Indianapolis with a fully functional 5G network onsite. I am very happy
that we can show that Industrial 5G technology is fully interoperable to OT technologies in cooperation with our member companies . If visitors are interested in Digital Twin, TSN, OPC or MTP, we will provide the right answers to enhance their production facilities with the use of 5G ,” says Andreas Müller, Chairman of 5G -ACIA and responsible for the 5G -ACIA exhibition and presentation program.
“I’m very happy that we have the opportunity to showcase the strenghts of our association,” Afif Osseiran, deputy chairman of 5G -ACIA adds . “ The factory of the future will be fully flexible: by
production process, production scalability, production place and resources management. We as 5G -ACIA are the right partner to talk to from Asia to Europe and now in USA . I’m sure our presentations and ex hibition area will show that Industrial 5G will become prerequisite for all factories as an enabler of the factory of the future.”

https ://5g-acia.org
https ://www.messe .de/en/messen/details/industrial-transformation-usa