Geopolitics, Strategy and interests of the underwater world the role of italy and nanotechnologies

4Ward_ Aerospace & Defence, formulated in nanotechnologies, is among the most attentive economic and innovative realities regarding the issue of the diver; guided by the President Sabrina Zuccalà , has been among the first to draw institutional and entrepreneurial attention to the issue, involving the world of the navy and ship owners . There is no doubt that nanotechnologies can rewrite the role of economic actors in the economy of the sea and in maritime and submarine defence. In recent years, the passion, study and in-depth analysis of the dynamics of contemporary geopolitics has led the company to get in touch with government institutions, the Navy, the Defense and some companies related to the Aerospace.

Through continuous research, 4Ward has become a reference for the treatment of aeronautical, defense and space aircraft components . The current industrial and infrastructural demand for
increasingly innovative and high-performance solutions and materials, and the ever increasing research concerning the underwater environment and the defense of the infrastructures contained therein, are leading to new opportunities deriving from platforms already in use and from nanotechnological innovations to push marine and underwater research towards new boundaries .

In March 2023, at a meeting at the headquarters of “ Volaviamare”, it has been reported the role that nanotechnologies and innovation can play in the progressive change of paradigm on the economy of the sea. Sabrina Zuccalà, declared:
“ Thanks to nanotechnologies, the anti-corrosive treatment allows defense and navy systems to be protected with a nano- silicon diox ide treatment from corrosion, reducing maintenance
interventions . To make this sector less polluting, and in the future to reach the achievement of “zero carbon”, there are the trials of alternative fuels, including electricity and wind energy, as well as the application of nanotechnology formulations which make read ships, speeding up journey times .” In addition “Preserving and protecting the energy and vital infrastructures is of primary importance, also to generate a virtuous network between companies, academies and startups to relaunch the marine economy sector in terms of sustainability and technological innovation”.

Opportunities, issues, and business ventures that lead beneath the surface of the sea. The underwater dimension is the place where submarine cables for data traffic, power lines and gas pipelines run, mineral resources lie – including rare earths – and defense and Security activities take place. The blue economy of a sea like the Mediterranean needs a prosperous sea, rich in biodiversity : knowing the seabed and preventing its pollution is an increasingly urgent need for this geographical area. It will be crucial for Italy to monitor and protect the strategic maritime lines
of communication which convey trade flows and ensure a large part of the national energy supply ; the security of maritime spaces is also clearly linked to the dynamics that develop in the underwater world.

The “ 4warD reSearch” TechNical- Scientific Committee

The recent birth of the“4wardResearch” Technical-Scientific Committee, linked to the professionals and experts of 4Ward_Aerospace & Defence , has rebounded to the attention of institutions
and maritime operators since it concretely addresses the economic and geopolitical importance of crossing the best entrepreneurial synergies and the most valid expressions academic and scientific aspects of the world of innovation and nanotechnology.
The Italian system has the potential to place itself as an industrial and scientific leader in the analysis and experimentation of these new opportunities . The contribution of nanotechnology has
triggered a new vision for the same technological development of nano- materials and nanotechnological formulations . It will be increasingly crucial to monitor and protect the strategic maritime communication lines that convey trade flows and ensure a large part of the national energy supply. The protection and conservation of the marine environment are an essential element of institutional action, with the aim of ensuring the continuation and development of all economic activities.

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