Perfect Evolution 478 continuous, integrated and modular metal cover 

Thanks to the ex perience and the solidity of Unimetal, which for years has been proposing innovative solutions and ideas in the roofing world, Perfect Evolution 478 was born, the integrated and modular continuous metal roof capable of improving, complete and simplify the best innovative architectural projects .
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Perfect Evolution 478 is the continuous drainage joint cover produced directly on site, without external fastenings ideal for commercial and sports with large lights and low slope, the optimal
choice for renovations of residential buildings designed for the super bonus and energy efficiency.

The strengths of the Perfect system favour the choice:
•No external fixing absolute safety against atmospheric agents and for the application of photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, safety lines and other works attached to the roof.
•Interlocking overlay system guarantees absolute safety in the unique time, which guarantees a hermetic and durable closure over time.
•Quick assembly thanks to the innovative pressure joint.
•no overlap factor determining safety and weather protection.
•The specific and only drainage joint always active designed for the safety of the Perfect Evolution system allows the water tightness of the mantle in any weather even in case of total absence of slope and in ex treme conditions of total flooding.
•Safety even in total immersion situation
•Absolute aesthetic value and prestigious design.
•Perfect Evolution 478 has the certifications: UNI EN 14963-14782 distributed load (snow)reverse load (wind) concentrated load (footfall) water resistance ASTM 2140 that guarantees zero slope water tightness in total flooding with continuous jet and was tested in wind tunnel where the sample was subjected to the maximum possible speed of 175 km/h without undergoing any deformation.

Unimetal has always been a brand of safety and quality, an ideal partner for operators in the sector who, through internal training courses, intend to grow and achieve themselves, to ensure
greater efficiency and great professionalism.