Rolling taps for tapping deep blind holes

UFS , an acronym for Utensili Filettatori Sparone, is an Italian manufacturer specializing in threading tools; it has been on the market and under its own brand name for over 75 years .
It designs, manufactures and markets a range of products, represented in its catalog with about 8,000 standard part numbers. It also supplies “private label” products for specialized retail chains . In addition, UFS manufactures many “special” products, with tolerances or to customer design.

Over the years, UFS has been able to adapt its resources to the needs of the market with a technical production and an organizational transformations that have characterized its constant
development, competing with the best manufacturers in the industry.

Specialized personnel, metrology laboratories and test rooms are the pillars on which the production technique has been transformed, following the design innovations applied to the development of threading tools . Production expansions, new research departments, the use of the latest generation of computerized systems for order management and scheduling, and quality certifications have been natural and continuous evolutions that consolidated the organization of internal resources and related tasks, allowing the achievement of excellent productivity and the complete control of the entire operational process .

Upstream of the entire production organization is the technical department that designs the tools with the valuable contribution of the R&D department, which takes part, with tests and verifications, at every stage of the manufacturing cycle.

Site 1 has 50 production units, mainly CNC special grinders, but also washing, polishing, drilling, marking, painting and labeling systems.
A short distance away is located Site 2, which was initially established as a testing center but gradually acquired the status of a research center for tool geometry improvements and authentic
development hub for PVD coatings .

The business development of UFS , in a mountainous logistics that inevitably imposes some limitations as to the availability of surface area, required the expansion of the production, which could no longer be absorbed only in the main plant, by finding space in nearby areas within a few hundred meters of each other. This was a necessity that induced profound changes in the production organization, with a rationalization of technological processes, in particular heat treatments . This gave rise to Site 3, an ultra-modern plant that has been fully operational since 2020.
It houses the departments for the turnery production, the hardening and tempering department for rough-hewn tools, and the metrology laboratory used for all the analyses necessary to control the incoming and hardened material. Careful check s of all metallographic characteristics with bar analysis of special steels using mass spectrometer.

Hardness analysis of fillers and control of carbides are carried out on the hardened material. UFS, over years of study, has identified which cycles are best performing for each type of alloy.