Integrated Service Solutions Global Forwarding is a premium supplier of logistics services

The establishment of IS S Global Forwarding (“IS S -GF) is the result of a strategic directive by the Government of Dubai to separate Inchcape S hipping S ervices Holding Ltd (“Inchcape”), into
two standalone companies with the aim of optimizing the growth potential, customer focus and core competencies of each, being marine services & supply chain logistics.
The carve out process from Inchcape commenced in February 2018 and it included operations in 8 countries. In a span of 2.5 years, the company has grown to having presence in over 50 countries. As part of its ambitious growth plans, the company has grown both organically and inorganically plus establishing agency agreements. ISS -GF is headquartered in Dubai and operates out of the Dubai Airport Free Zone which is strategically located in the heart of Dubai adjacent to Dubai Airport. The company will focus on its core activities being global freight forwarding and supply chain management for projects within the oil & gas and renewable energy sector. The freight forwarding business is further split into 4 key segments being air freight, ocean freight, road freight and contract logistics

The company has been established in a structured manner where ICD owns 100% stake in ISS Global Forwarding One Person Company LLC (“IS S -GF HoldCo”). Subsequently, IS S -GF HoldCo owns the shareholding in the respective entities operating globally.

IS S Global Forwarding Italy S.r.l (‘’ISS GF Italy’’) commenced its operations in January 2019, with its registered office at Milan (Italy Head Office) and branch offices at Genova. Currently, the company has a headcount of 30 personnel and is ex pected to increase to 50 by 2024.
The branch office in Genova primarily focus on the industrial projects business where they provide logistic support to the EPCs. The services include heavy lifts, vessel chartering, handling special and volumetric cargos, etc.  ISS -GF Italy continues its growth using the IS S -GF Global Network and increasing its customer base locally.

ISS GF Italy continue to offer comprehensive tailormade Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance and Road Transport services. ISS GF Italy aim is to become a key logistics provider within Italy and compete along side the global and local players. ISS -GF Italy also has the International Air Transport Association (IATA) certification.

To be recognized worldwide as a leader in the field of end-to-end supply chain solutions. In a world of free trade & inter-connectivity, hard work shapes the complex ity of globalization in a way that will allow logistics tasks to be fulfilled efficiently
The aim is to become one of the world’s top 10 providers of industrial logistics solutions. Bringing a passion about understanding supply chain, the customers’ needs, and the challenges faced in logistics.
-Always Putting Our Customers First
-A Partnership Approach To Our Business
-Seeking Continuous Sustainable Improvements
-Accountability For Our Decisions
-Honesty & Integrity
-One company, one team, one goal.
-With teamwork we are all winners.