Energy Consulting Services the ambition for success

Born in 2018 from the collaboration of Oilfield experts, former operational colleagues on site, ECS has been pushed into the oilfield market with cunning and intelligence and over the years, ECS has evolved, improved and enlarged. ECS is an innovative upstream provider specialized in engineering consultancy, laboratory services, chemicals and personnel supply in the Pressure Pumping domain including C ementing, Stimulation and Gravel Pack . ECS offers a selected range of oilfield chemicals: drilling chemicals, cementing, stimulation, gravel pack and production chemicals and it is up to date with the advanced simulation software and reliable technical design, in order to advise and create effective solutions .

ECS also provides Laboratory Services using latest technologies and methodologies to offer accurate and reliable results . We can test and supply C ement systems to suit your specific requirements . Competitive prices, ability to select and quality and satisfaction guarantee have led and are leading ECS to compete and often dominate on big enterprises of the sector. ECS strategy is based on few but fundamental principles:
• Operational excellence and success of our products and services, as well as our advice and consultancy ;
• customer intimacy because getting to know our Client, allow us to better satisfy his requests;
• innovation on the updated machinery, materials and technologies .

ECS knows that people are key to the success of the business, reason why ECS cared to know and retain its collaborators, establishing relationships that go beyond working hours . ECS likes to trust every single subject of the company and it strives to consolidate connections based on mutual respect and good communication.
ECS is committed to development, so it swiftly and efficiently adapts to changing environments . ECS makes timely, data-driven decisions . In order to face the large amount of engagements obtained in recent years, ECS has decided to open specialized branches :
Phoenix Engine e ring is constantly evolving and adapting to the customers demands, demonstrating flex ibility and desire to provide seamless services, like laboratory calibration and maintenence, new slurries development an innovations on digital and updated tools .
ENHANCE is the ECS product line that deals with the development and supply of chemical products for the production of oil & gas, using raw materials and solvents with low environmental impact. .com