CARINI INDUSTRIA: world in motion 

Its story began in 2014, when an ineffective succession in previous leadership paved the way for a new era for the company, modern but still tied to the original idea of quality and customization of its founder, Mr Diego Carini. Since 1953, this concept has led the work of the firm in the field of power transmission, developing worm screw and crowns, bevel and cylindrical gears, gearboxes etc etc Today the company vision has gone further, with even more delicate and accurate manufacturing, e.g. 6 principles worm screws AG MA13/12 or IS O 3/4

Even though the leadership has changed, people haven’t, especially inside the quality department, the core of the entire plant, upon which every productive unit relies on. Every measuring tool, such as automated 3D testing bench or gears and crown/worm screws single-sided gear gauge, is used on daily basis to provide documents and certificates whenever requested.

We manufacture in-house our products, starting from raw materials, except for heat treatments: in this way, we can provide a full quality control every step of the process, coping with the demands when it comes to reliability. Therefore, our productive chain is entirely made in Italy, even better, is Made in Carini!
Our goal is to become more than a plain supplier for our customers: they should see us as partners, to whom turn to for high-tech solutions and guidance, based on our expertise.

We know it’s a long and challenging process, nevertheless we are committed to pursue it step by step together with our customers to build a strong and long-lasting partnership. For this reason, for example, we are available to customize and co-design our gearboxes according to special requirements .
Our product cover several and diversified application fields, such as machine tool tables, amusement park carousels as well as foundries and military sector.

If you are looking for reliability, quality and durability here we are: Carini Industria, we do know gears .

You can also get in touch on the phone at this number:
+39 523 615440